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This prezi is about the common concepts of abortion

Ryan Brewer

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of ABORTION

ABORTION There will be pictures of dead fetuses in this presentation.
Fair Warning! You may want to leave the room if you have an easily upset stomach! IT'S A HUMAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD One reason I'm against the idea of abortion is the fact that you're killing an innocent human being. On the 22nd day as a fetus the heart starts beating. That along with its genetic code proves that it's a human. UNFAIR TO SOCIETY Another reason I'm against abortion is the unfair decision to terminate a baby's life. The baby may have the potential of growing up to be a policeman, firefighter, or even the president! So I am against the fact of abortion for this reason. I am against the fact that you're not giving the baby a chance to live. HARMFUL TO MOTHER During an abortion, the surgeon removes fetus with a scoop-like tool which in turn may scratch the uterus. When the uterus is scratched it will make it mother to get pregnant again. One common misconception is that the abortion may kill the mother. If done by an abortion expert , the mothers survival rate is dramatically increased. REVERSE ARGUMENT
One aborted baby may be the difference of life or difference for thousands of people. So we need to outlaw abortion now!! It may be killing our nation. Help me fight for this cause! Thank you. CLOSING STATEMENT
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