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Occupational Research Assignment

Careers - Journalist

Veronica Mitchell

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Occupational Research Assignment

JOURNALISM High School Programs To take: JOURNALISM Salary Working Conditions The NOC code number for being a journalist would be 5123 Occupational Profile Research Assignment Transferable Work Skills Some of the transferable skills that are needed for being a journalist: Communicate: Speak and/or write well and get your ideas across to other easily. Interpret: Look at things and make sense of them, figure out what makes things work, why there is a problem, etc. explain, Tell others why you do certain things the way you do or why you think the way you do. - - Pleasant: Nice person for others to talk to and be with. - Listen: Listen/pay attention to what others are saying, without daydreaming or forming judgement about them. - Tasks and Duties: - Collect local, national and international news through interviews, investigation and observation

- Write news stories for publication and broadcast

-Receive, analyze and verify news and other copy for accuracy

-Arrange and have interviews for research and for radio and television programs

-Research and report on fields like medicine, science and technology

- Prepare feature columns and stories on special topics Journalists might have to work long and different hours and are often under pressure to meet deadlines. Journalists might work indoors and have interviews by telephone or might have to work outdoors in all different kinds of weather. And they sometimes have to travel. Location: Low wage per hr:
Toronto Ontario - 14.75
Ottawa Ontario - 13.17
Ontario - 10.49 Average per hr: High wage per hr:
22.12 30.43
21.70 34.68
28.67 37.45 Communication Technology: This course will help you enhance your abilities to become a journalist because this course helps you develop media knowledge skills while designing and producing projects in the areas of live, recorded, graphic communications. This will help you to record and take good footage of things that are happening if you were traveling trying to get a story. - World Religion: This course will help me to understand what other people believe and how they live. I can get a better understanding of other peoples religion, what they practice, and how they practice it. This course will help me with my job because if I do travel I will have at least a basic knowledge understanding about peoples religions. And I will be able to go further in dept with them. - Where to go? Wilfred Laurier University - Works Cited 1.http://www.ceswoodstock.org/job_search/resumeskillstransf.shtml


3.http://www.myfuture.edu.au/The%20Facts/Work%20and%20Employment/Occupations/Details.aspx?anzsco=212400A The Journalism program gives students the skills and knowledge to find different and less accessible information and to really look at what they discover and understand, and to communicate. if you go to Wilfrid Laurier you can focus on Broadcast, Print, New Media or Public Relations – or choose to develop a more generalist, multi-platform. University Of Ottawa - This degree gives you an opportunity to apply your journalistic skills to the of key social issues and, as such, to offer the public more insightful and a more powerful report. Occupation Possess I think some interest you should have if you wanna become a journalist should be writing. I think writing is important because that's one of the most common things you have to do. Another thing that I think would be a good interest, is if you like researching and learning new things all the time. Because if you were to be a journalist, you would have to do a lot of information on where your going or what your studying or talking about. Advantages - Traveling to different places - Meeting different/new kinds of people - Learning new things - New skills - Being able to provide news to people Disadvantages: - Publishing wrong information - Not everyone will like you - Public might criticize you - Can get in trouble with the law Summary: The reason why I chose this occupation is because I think that this job is suitable for me. Growing up I have wanted to be a journalist and learn and find out new things that are going on in this world. I love to write, discover and learn new things everyday, and I think becoming a journalist is a good job for me.

Journalism to be is a positive career because you are able to find information and share it with the world. Not only that but at the same time you are learning new things about countries, your learning new skills and more information about other people from famous to interesting, including yourself.

One thing that I have learned about this occupation is the salary that you make is not a lot of money. I thought that it's would be a greater amount. But as you find interesting stories and once you have been in that career for long amounts of time you get paid more which is an excellent thing.

Another thing that I have learned from this occupation is that there are quiet a few disadvantages. Most of them has to do with the public eye. If you publish wrong information, or if you do something that some people don't like, you can get the wrong attention from the public. I think that even that does happen you know not to do it again, and you can always overcome of what people think of you. I think that in order to do well in this job you have to have confidence in what your doing, keep you head up high and keep working hard. If you keep doing that I think you will have a very successful career. 6 credits from:
CMN2135 Public Speaking 3
CMN2168 Globalization and Communication 3
CMN3165 Media Industries 3
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