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11.1 Pressure

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Mike Oz

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of 11.1 Pressure

Fluid Pressure
Atmospheric Pressure
Water Pressure
What is Pressure?
Though they have very low density, all of the gases in the atmosphere have mass. This mass causes a downward pressure on all objects. The pressure is greater at sea level and much less at high elevations.
Balanced Pressure
Just like the atmosphere, water also exerts pressure. Water has much more mass than the gases in the atmosphere, so the pressure is much greater, even at fairly shallow depths.
Ch. 11 Forces in Fluids
11.1 Pressure
Atmospheric Pressure
Thankfully, the atmospheric pressure creates a balanced pressure that keeps us from exploding
Would it hurt more to have someone stomp on your hand in high heels or flat shoes?
Use the answer to this question and your knowledge of pressure to explain how snow shoes work.
Pressure = Force/Area
If surface area decreases, the amount of pressure increases (Think about the high heel).
Remember that a fluid is a material that can easily flow.
All of the forces exerted by the individual particles in a fluid combine to make up the pressure exerted by the fluid.
Without atmospheric pressure, the fluids in the monster's body would have an outward pressure and would cause the monster to explode.
Atmospheric pressure can be measured with a device called a barometer.
Write a short science fiction story (1/2 page) in which atmospheric or water pressure is a key component.
Possible ideas:
High altitude living

Deep sea living

Sudden changes in pressure

Going into outer space on a hot air balloon and exploding
Ch. 11 Guiding Questions
Can you blow up a balloon in a bottle?
How does a chimney draw smoke out?
Why does a penny sink and a boat float?
How do snow shoes work?
How can a driver stop a 2000 lb. car by applying very little force to the brake pedal?
How does a perfume atomizer work?
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