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Philosophy of Leadership

No description

Doni Cash

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Philosophy of Leadership

Doni Cash-Philosophy of Leadership Systems Theory Transformational Leadership Synergistic Leadership Theory vision values beliefs View schools as a learning organization Studies organization as a whole, understanding that it is made up of dynamic parts Basis on Peter Senge's book "The Fifth Discipline" Five Principles
Systems thinking
Personal mastery
Shared vision
Team learning
Mental models administrative theory my style Systems theory fits into my philosophy of leadership because I believe that schools do have many parts that are constantly changing. A good leader will be aware of this and learn to manage this unique organization. Alternative to traditional theory Includes issues such as diversity and the female voice Based on four factors:
Attitudes, beliefs, and values
Leadership behavior
External forces
Organizational structure I include synergistic leadeship theory in my philosphy because it encourages leaders to be very self reflective about their practice. This theory may also allow a leader or organization to determine if they are right for each other before hiring takes place. Fewer leaders, larger impact Encourages followers to do and accomplish more than they thought possible Transformational leaders have a substantial impact on their organizations I hope to become a transformational leader some day. I believe that all leaders should strive for this and have it a part of their philosophy.
Lunenburg, F., & Ornstein, A. (2008). Educational administration. Belmont, CA: Thomson.

Nine second clip from A Bug's Life. Lassester, J. & Stanton, A. (1998). Los Angeles" Pixar Animation. Retrieved from www.youtube.com on May 2, 2010.

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