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Destination Profile

No description

Sarah Walker

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Destination Profile

On-the-job training
First aid training
Written exam the police would give you
medical tests by your doctor
may have to do fitness testing

What skills and interests relate to the occupation?

Alternative Work
Probation Officer
Correctional officer
Security guard
Working with troubled youth/adults
working in a halfway house
Destination Profile

First Aid Training
Go to university or college

Three other occupations
Probation Officer
Royal Canadian Mounty Police
Correctional officer

Other Important Information
High Stress Level
Healthy & Fit
Involved With People
Being Professional
Carry a Gun
By: Sarah Walker
Good Stress Management
Quick Decision Making
Strong communication
Work well with others
People Skills
Interested in general law

How and where can you acquire the qualifications and education needed?

You can find out from your local police station
Schools can help you find the right program to become a police office

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