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Amerigo vespucci

woolums project1

Alexis Matala

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Amerigo vespucci

Exploration to America King ferdinand supported Amerigo's
journey, he is the king of Spain.
Ferdinand he was the king of Aragon and castile,from 1479. He united the kindoms into the nation of Spain,and he supported Columbus's journey too. Major discoveries Amerigo was a skilled navigator, curious,
inquisitive, scientific, intelligent, problem solver, brave, adventurous, sly, and shrewed. Characteristics Positive-Amerigo Vespucci found the "new world." He was trying to find the "new world," just to discover not for money or rewards. positive and negative aspects
of his expedition Amerigo vespucci Birthplace and background Amerigo was born in Florence, Italy in March of
1454 and he died in february of 1512 in Seville, Spain. As a young boy his happiest moments were spent studying the stars. He was great in math and his hobby was copying maps. His dream was to travel and get a better picture about what earth looked like. He was an Italian merchant that worked for the Medici family. The Medici's were the ruling family in Florence. The Medici's! Amerigo discovered a new world. He explored the new world for 9 months. When he returned to Spain he told everyone of this new land and people. He had mapmakers put his findings on maps. A German mapmaker named Martin Waldseemuller believed Amerigo was the first European to reach the "New World", so he suggested they call it America. Why was he important to us? What would our world be like without Amerigo?? It is believed that Columbus reached the America's before Amerigo, but he thought he had reached India and not a "New World". We might be called Columbians after Columbus had he realized he had found a new world, but he didn't and it was believed that Amerigo was the first to find the new world and the new world was named after him. Interesting fact:
The people in America were called Indians because
Christopher C. thought he found a sea route to India,
and not the America's. Who is the sponserer of
Amerigo's exploration? During his first expedition he explored well beyond the mouth of the Amazon river and the northern coast of South America. He measured how far he went by observing the planets and the moon. He made improvements in navigational techniques. He also predicted the earths circumference to within 50 miles. Shrewed- wise and intelligent
inquisitive- a person who likes to learn things negative- later after he was said to be the discoverer of the "new world," Columbus was actually the founder not Vespucci. Even though Columbus thought he was in India. King Ferdinand II On this first voyage Amerigo traveled around the northern tip of South America then went between the two islands, one of which is Cuba. This is the trip that he told everyone about the new world.

On the second voyage he went and explored the South Eastern edge of South America and then returned to Spain. This was his last trip to the Americas.
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