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Genius Hour

No description

Karlie Hindmarsh

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Genius Hour

Genius Hour - Where Passions Come Alive!
What is Genius Hour?
Genius hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school. Discover how to transform your classroom into a place where students want to come in and learn.
Where does it come from?
The search-engine giant, Google, allows it’s engineers to spend 20% of their time to work on any pet project that they want. The idea is very simple. Allow people to work on something that interests them, and productivity will go up. Google’s policy has worked so well that it has been said that 50% of Google’s projects have been created during this creative time period. Ever heard of Gmail or Google News? These projects are creations by passionate developers that blossomed from their their 20-time projects.
Dan Pink: In "Drive" - The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Pink uses 50 years of behavioral science to overturn the conventional wisdom about human motivation and offer a more effective path to high performance.
Genius Hour in Education
The same genius hour principles apply in the classroom as they do in the corporate environment. The teacher provides a set amount of time for the students to work on their passion projects. Students are then challenged to explore something to do a project over that they want to learn about. They spend several weeks researching the topic before they start creating a product that will be shared with the class/school/world. Deadlines are limited and creativity is encouraged. Throughout the process the teacher facilitates the student projects to ensure that they are on task.
What do the kids say?
Kathleen said: "GH is a great thing to experience because we pay better attention in class when we're doing what we love."

Mitch said: "When we are doing GH, I feel happy because we get to learn about our passions by choosing our own topic which is great because we have more variety in our learning. I like it when teachers give us the choice to choose our learning area."
Metua said: "I think GH is cool because we get time to learn more about our passion and that's a good thing because when we can teach other people about our passions too."

Maa said: "I think that GH is fun because we get to learn about things we don't usually get to learn about; things we like. Using the Mixxx software to mix songs together, I have learnt new skills and I'm excited to maybe be a DJ one day."
Kelly said: "GH is great to do in class because we get to learn more about our passion. We enjoy it, the learning is fun."

Trina said: "GH is something I always look forward to. It always brightens my day because it's something fun to do. It's preparing me for the future by building my research skills and discovering my passions."
Justice said: "I like it because you can learn about anything you want without a teacher telling you what to learn. This is a good thing because I'm motivated to learn by myself. Normally we don't get the chance to learn about things we are interested in."

Maria said: "I like it because you get to do what you want. I just finished photography and now I'm learning about cooking. I also like learning about the history. It's a fun way to learn, many kids like it."
Alii said: "I like GH because we get to choose our own passion. I like to share my passion with my class."
George K said: "I like GH because I'm passionate about anime and I love to spend time researching this because it's one of my favourite things to do."

A message from Kid President
Passion for Anime
Passion for Space
Passion for Mixing Electronic Music
Passion for Parkour
Passion for Fashion Design
Passion for Photography
Passion for Architecture
Passion for Cartooning
What is Ms Hindmarsh's passion?
I am never more productive than when I'm doing what I love! Prolific would be the word to describe my productivity levels! The proof is in the sugar free pudding!
Creating clean versions of recipes
A goal of every teacher should be to create lifelong learners. Genius Hour projects are a huge step towards that goal.
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