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No description

Nicholas Morchain

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of R&B

The General Moods Contemporary R&B The Stories R&B Can Tell Intruments Behind The Music By: Nicholas M. Many musical instruments are used in R&B like guitar, bass drums, keyboards, turntables/dj, double bass, piano, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clairnet, and flute. R&B can tell many stories of drugs, gangs, sex, love, childhood memories and conflict. The stories can be happy, they could be sad but overall R&B is about the people and their stories. R&B music has been around since the late 1940’s and is still popular to this day. Louis Jordan, Joe turner was one of the first R&B artists. The very first group in 1949 to top on R&B billboard charts was Paul Williams and his hucklebuckers with the song “the huckle-buck”. Today some of the more famous R&B artists are Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem,Chris Brown, Beyonce and many more. How Old is R&B? Where R&B originated Contemporary R&B is music genre that has a combination of hip hop, soul R&B and funk. It was originated in the 1940s.Even thought abrievated “R&B” originates from the traditional rhythm and blues music, today the term R&B is most often used to describe a style of African American music which originated in the 1980s. African Americans would record "urbane, rocking, jazz based music with a heavy beat to it and it was being more popular each day. R&B And The World Who likes R&B??? I do not like this genre of music because some R&B songs are usually emotional songs and/or slow songs from what I’ve heard on Youtube. For me it’s a little too original. R&B uses too much of the trumpet and saxophone. I like songs such as Party Rock Anthem and Look at Me Now. Both of these songs have something in common, they have computerized voices and their videos have a lot to them not just some guy standing on a stage singing with some guy in the background with the trumpet pretending to have a good time. And one last thing is just that people in R&B songs always smile and look at the camera. That always creeps me out because it feels like they’re going to jump out of the computer and invite joker. How Long Are R&B songs? Contemporary R&B is mostly played in all of North America, New York City, Los Angeles, Montreal, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto and Houston. R&B songs can be many different lengths but are usually only 2-5minutes. R&B can tell many stories of drugs, gangs, sex, love, childhood memories and conflict. This means that the general mood would be sad and depressing. However sometimes R&B songs can make a person happy, have a good time and make people want to move and dance. Beyoncé grew up in Houston, Texas. Her path to performing came early in life. Her parents Tina and Matthew Knowles enrolled her in dance class while she was still in Elementary School and her talent for singing emerged at the same time. Beyoncé would perform at many school assemblies and talent shows.

When Beyoncé was 8 years old, her and 5 other girls were chosen from many auditions to form a group of pre-teen songs and the dance group we be called “Girls Tyme”.

“Girls Tyme” was not very successful in the early 90s’ and eventually half of the 6 girls left the group. The three remaining members “Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and LaTayia Roberson” and eventually added a fourth member “LeToya Luckett” formed a group called” Destiny Child”. When Beyoncé’s mom Tina saw the word “Destiny” in her bible next to a picture of the girls, she thought that would be a perfect group name.”

Destiny’s Child” managed to put out there last album “Destiny Fulfilled” before the group members decided to focus and there solo careers. Beyoncé continued with both her acting and singing careers and has also started modeling and fashion.

Best Thing I Never Had
Count Down
If I Were A Boy
Single Ladies
Halo R&B Artist - Beyoncé The target audients focused for this type of music is the black American and African population. Because of the diverse population, today this music is widely accepted and listened to by all cultures but the music is mostly listened to by the younger generations. Target Audients Sometimes I like R&B music and sometimes I don’t. A lot of R&B songs are very sad and emotional and im not a person who would like slow or love songs. My taste of music is rap, hip hop, soca etc. I like songs with fast beats and exciting lyrics. But some R&B songs are very nice and relaxing so I do enjoy listening to it most of the time. R&B music in my opinion has its good songs and its bad songs,its popular songs and its not so popular songs,Some R&B songs i think if you listen to for a long time can get a bit annoying to me but most of the songs i enjoy. It isnt my favorite type of music but i do like it
R&B usually has slow beats with a lot of trumpet in them. You can also make out what they’re saying but with Rap they have real fast beats and sometimes you can’t even make out what they’re saying, if they’re that good. Rap usually has a lot of bass and beat boxing in it. R&B has a lot of trumpet, drums, piano and saxophone in it. A good example of a rap song is Look at Me Now BY Chris Brown. Comparing R&B To Rap I like R&B music because of the nice beat. In my opinion , it's very enjoyable to listen to.
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