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Life-cycle assessment

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Nattarin Surayatanaruk

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Life-cycle assessment

Energy recovery Quiz Time Life Cycle Stages LCA usage
and Life cycle energy analysis What is
assessment? if materials are incinerated during the disposal process, the energy released during burning can be harnessed and used for electricity production. This provides a low-impact energy source, especially when compared with coal and natural gas Product Use Energy production It is recognized that much energy is lost in the production of energy commodities themselves, such as nuclear energy, photovoltaic electricity or high-quality petroleum products. Life-cycle LCA is a technique to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life from-cradle-to-grave LCA is.... Life cycle energy analysis (LCEA) is an approach in which all energy inputs to a product are accounted for, not only direct energy inputs during manufacture, but also all energy inputs needed to produce components, materials and services needed for the manufacturing process. An earlier term for the approach was energy analysis. With LCEA, the total life cycle energy input is established. LCA also has major roles in environmental impact assessment, integrated waste management and pollution studies. Based on a survey of LCA practitioners carried out in 2006, LCA is mostly used to support business strategy (18%) and R&D (18%), as input to product or process design (15%), in education (13%) and for labeling or product declarations (11%). LCA uses There are two basic types of LCA data Data analysis - Packaging every stage along a products life

- Transport happens at every life cycle stage

- Different methods have different levels of impacts The Goal of LCA assessment Material Extraction We think you may possibly answer all these questions. After you get all of this stuff.... LCA T H A T I S . . From raw material extraction through materials processing Manufacture Distribution Use Repair and maintenance Disposal or recycling The goal of LCA is to get better understanding of the product hidden environmental impact By understanding the environmental impacts across the life of a product,
we can make decisions that reduce these impacts across the entire life of the product Manufacturing Processing raw materials into useable products such as:
-Ore into steel
-Oil into petrol
-Tree into paper Packaging & Transportation -Energy use during life
-Cleaning , upgrading
-Stand by time
-Maintenance services
-Services/ infrastructure required(mobile- phones, Tv etc) Everything comes from nature at some stage
-farming food
-Harvesting nature products
-Energy used to extract resources
-Pollution cause End of life -Landfill , litter or recycling

-Recycling still requires energy for re-manufacturing and collection of goods

-Preference re-use

-Plastic gets a bad rap, but can be recycled over and over again , paper can only be recycled a max of 5 times LCA looks at the environmental impact across these 5 main life cycle stages to see where the ‘hot spots’ are A recent study comparing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from landfilling (without energy recovery) against incineration (with energy recovery) found incineration to be superior in all cases except for when landfill gas is recovered for electricity production. ROUND 1 fill in the missing word Life-Cycle a--------- Life-Cycle assessment To assess environmental impacts To assess environmental i------ Material E-------- Material Extraction Packaging & T------------- Packaging & Transportation SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT!!!! Life cycle energy a------- Life cycle energy analysis ROUND 2 What is the best answer How many stages of LCA? 3 4 5 6 5 Which stage is it? Use Transportation Recycle Manufacture Use "Processing raw materials into useable products"
Which stage is it? Material Extraction Manufacturing Manufacturing Packaging & Transportation Product Use What is the End of life stage? Mining Packaging Recycling Cleaning Recycling Which energy come from
Energy production? Solar Energy Wind Mills Mantle Heat Nuclear Nuclear Manipulators 1.Mr.Chusit Jaisook #080 2.Mr.Nattarin Suriyatanaruk #083 3.Mr.Poramate Boonmee #091 4.Ms.Tongta Jareonsub #316 5.Mr.Nitipat Muenghong #321 6.Ms.Pornsuda Plangklang #329 THANK YOU FOR LISTENING -Unit process data
-Environmental input-output data (EIO) The life cycle considered usually consists of a number of stages including: materials extraction, processing and manufacturing, product use, and product disposal. If the most environmentally harmful of these stages can be determined, then impact on the environment can be efficiently reduced by focusing on making changes for that particular phase.
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