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Lymphatic System

This is a presentation of the Lymphatic System for 6th Grade Science

John MacKenzie

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Lymphatic System

Finally Thank you for watching my Prezi. I hope that you gained useful knowledge about the Lymphatic System and that you did not puke during the disease pictures.

Have a great life!

-Mr. Mac Function The Lymphatic System The function of the lymphatic
system is to collect extra fluid from
cells and return it to the blood. Specialized Cells from the Lymphatic System Killer T Cell Systems that the Lymphatic System Works With Circulatory System - The lymphatic system removes excess liquid and filters disease. Then it dumps back into the superior and inferior vena cava.

Urinary System - The waste from the lymphatic system filters out in the kidneys and is excreted as waste. Major Organs/Parts Lymph fluid, red blood cells, white blood cells, lymph nodes, lymph vessels, killer T cells, B cells, bone marrow, thymus gland, tonsils, spleen Role in Physical Excercise * The lymphatic system regulates fluids, distributes proteins and filters out toxins during exercise.
* The lymphatic system pumps with muscle movement as it is not part of the circulatory system. B Cell Spleen Cells Interesting Facts about the Lymphatic System 1. The lymphatic system has no pump.
2. When we are sick our lymph nodes swell and may be sore.
3. On average, at any time about 1-2 liters of lymph fluid are circulating in your tissues.
4. Invaded cells give themselves away by abnormal proteins on their surface which B Cells acknowledge and T Cells attack!
5. If you get the flu, it is your T lymphocytes that come to the rescue.
6. People donate their plasma (lymph) for money and it is used to treat autoimmune disease and to research. Plasma from a donor! Common Diseases of the Lymphatic System 1. Lymphedema - Blockage of lymph vessels that drain fluid from tissues throughout the body and allow immune cells to travel where they are needed. Treatment includes massaging the limb and using compression wraps to push lymph out. 2. Castelman Disease - Non-cancerous tumors that develop in the lymph nodes. They require surgical removal 3. Lymphatic Filariasis - Worms that occupy the lymphatic system and can cause elephantitis. To treat use the medicines Albendozole and Invermectin to kill the larva. Three Tissues in the Lymphatic System 1. Diffuse- consists of lymphocytes and macrophages and is in mucus membranes.

2. Lymphatic Vessels - Carry the lymph fluid throughout your body.

3. reticular connective tissue - thin connective tissues that appear in blood connective tissues Jobs of some Lymphatic System Organs Spleen - Store and produce lymphocytes. Also, produces, monitors, stores and destroys blood cells. It is the largest organ in the Lymphatic System.

Thymus - Creates and trains killer T cells. It is the main gland of the lymphatic system.

Bone Marrow - Where blood cells are made. Located at the core of your bones. References Google - www.google.com

Holt McDougal Human Body SystemsTextbook - my.hrw.com

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