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Internal Communications

No description

Victoria Page

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Internal Communications

Communications Measures The role of Internal Communications Employee survey scores The lifesource of our business Provides employees with information required to do their job Tree roots sense water and growth is directed towards water Shared dialogue helps breakdown barriers and resolve issues Excess water disables roots and encourages the growth of dangerous, contagious pathogens Too much causes overload, leaving people confused and overwhelmed Too little water eventually leads to catastrophic biological failures and the tree will die Too little creates worry, anxiety and leaves people guessing how to align their work People are reading our stuff and want to contribute Good feedback on events - people want to get involved Open rates on our regular communications Feedback from our events Improved audit performance Improved staff turnover People know our story and want to make new history Diverse opinions and feedback are valued - You said... we did messages inspire trust and openess We have a clear compelling vision and living, breathing values We do take it personally! Our people understand the business Everyone takes responsibility for communication What does success feel like? People like us and want to work with us How will we do it? Leadership engagement Develop communications activities that help our people leaders build a more personal connection to employees that in turn helps develop trusting relationships Strategy & Education Educate our people about strategy, business plans and process, using meaningful, creative and engaging methods. Workplace & Culture

Bring a sense of personality to our company through creatively promoting and raising the profile of our commitment to work/life balance, community volunteering and employee benefits. Instil our vision and our values through leadership communications and dialogue. Blossoming ideas Community Volunteering Programme Knowledge, skills and experience sharing - KWs People Exchange Programme Develop our employee survey to measure engagement Improve our own PR Do people know about them?
Do people want them?
Do they use them?
Are there other things we could offer that people would value more? (holiday buy-back scheme) Extend the family Get involved Anyone feeling the benefit? Who's engaged? Let's shout about it! A picture speaks 1000 words Explore the use of infographics to explain complex messages/story-telling Sharing the learning from MAD in a way that people understand Sharing the MADness Engage our people leaders as conduits for ongoing dialogue. Promote through consistent theming, one team - one goal, both internally and across the wider business. Water enters a tree via the roots by osmosis, carrying nutrients to the leaves Water is a constant source of nutrients that feed the tree through the process of leaf photosynethisis A rhythm of strategic, educational and social information in the right amount promotes a healthy workplace
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