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Elizabeth Harris

on 6 October 2017

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Transcript of Angus

Virtual Classroom
By Angus
I used Explain Everything for maths computation strategy. I can record my voice and write my strategy. I can also upload videos and images.This is a software.
I used powerpoint for my narrative. I can make slides and I can upload images and videos. I can also download my powerpoint onto other apps. This is a software.
I used skype to presentation my story. I can talk to people if they can't make it to a presentation. This is a peripheral device.
I used an Ipad because I can download explain everything.This is a peripheral device.
I used a computer because download powerpoint on this device.This is a peripheral device.
I used a desktop because I can download skype on this device.This is a hardware.
I used word for my rock presentation. I can show my research and I can put up my images.This is a software.
OLA is closed because of asbestos and we have four set tasks maths computation strategy,my narrative, conference my story and my rock presentation. We need to do them but how?
I used a mouse because I can click with the cursor on websites.I can also scroll up and down. This is a peripheral device.
I used a keyboard because I can type letters and numbers. I can also scroll up and down. This a peripheral device.
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