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XO KidsMeet at Ruse

No description

Paul McGillicuddy

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of XO KidsMeet at Ruse

Welcome to the XO KID MEET
Learning Intention

All students will network with their learning community so that they can share, develop and improve their XO practice.

Success Criteria
- all students can articulate their opinion and ideas
about what the role of an XO Mechanic is in their school
- all students will understand how to change a keyboard
- all students will understand how to reimage an XO
- all students can connect to a WiFi Access Point
- all students can create a Google account
- all students can collaborate and communicate
effectively with their peers
- all students can give honest, critical and relevant
feedback about their own learning

Ice Breaker

"It's nice to meet you!"
XO KidsMeet
Technical Difficulties...
In your new groups, work together to complete the following three technical components.
1. Replace a damaged keyboard
2. Re-image the XO as a group using the USB stick provided
3. Connect your XO to the XO-air WiFi (Password: one-network)
4. Set up a Google account through the Drive/Settings application.
5. Using the Classroom application on your XO, connect to the XO Mechanic group. Classroom Code: 9e5jqb1
Remember: This is a group activity, so you
must support all members of your team!
XO Applications

Coding in the Classroom


Let's Reflect...
Self Organised Learning Environment
What is the role
of an XO Mechanic?
One Education
Future Direction

Student Reflection

Ruse Public School Welcomes:
Hilltop Road Public School
Mount Annan Public School
Kentlyn Public School
John Warby Public School
Briar Road Public School
Rosemeadow Public School
Campbelltown Nth Public School
Campbelltown East Public School
Blairmount Public School
Ambarvale Public School
Bradbury Public School
Ashcroft Public School
Leumeah Public School
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