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Gothic Literature WebQuest

No description

Tiffany Gump

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Gothic Literature WebQuest

A Journey Through Gothic Literature:
A WebQuest- Grade 10

The End!
You've made it! You survived the dark and gruesome forest of Gothic Literature and lived to tell all about it. Thank you for working hard and creating fantastic projects!!!! You have now seen the light! ....RUN!!!!!
So let it begin...it is now time to take a voyage, a journey of sorts! Throwing aside everything that you have ever thought about horror, terror, and fear to dive into the WebQuest to find out as much as you can about Gothic Literature in order to create a Gothic story of your own! This will be your own creative genius...so allow your creativity to flow! Make it through the deep dark forest known as Gothic literature and survive to tell about it!

The ultimate goal for this WebQuest is to create a fictional short story with as many Gothic elements as possible. By researching the sources provided, take in as much information as possible by completing the activities along the way. After making your way through the material, or what I like to call the dark forest, use your resources in order to create a Gothic story of your own. Your moment of survival and success is in presenting your story to the class. Your story presentation can be a variety of creations as later described in the WebQuest. Be creative!! Have fun!! Enjoy the adventure!!
You are beginning to see the light...
Process Continued...
2. To begin your journey, explore the following links. Be sure to be taking notes as a group. (Promise, you will need them later!) Be sure to pay attention to the details.

3. Through the following links you are focusing on the elements of Gothic literature. These will be the elements that you want to include in your own creation!

1. You will be assigned to a group of 3 students. You will all be responsible for the research and information found throughout this WebQuest. As a group, begin researching the links provided in order understand Gothic literature to the best of you ability. Move throughout the following steps to complete this journey of gaining Gothic knowledge to create a masterpiece of your own!
4. In this introduction to Gothic literature, there are many different terms that will be new to you. For any terms that you do not know, as a group, create a Frayer Model (below) for each of your new vocabulary words. As for ways to organize all of the information that you have gathered, visit the following links to choose a graphic organizer.


5. You have now researched the elements of Gothic literature, organized your information and explored your new vocabulary necessary to begin the process of your own Gothic short story. Take the time to explore the following links in order to understand how to place the concepts of Gothic literature into the proper concepts of creative writing, especially for short fiction. Below are the links for your graphic organizers as well.



Before you start your exploration, as a group, complete the following Anticipation Guide in order to gauge your views of Gothic literature from the beginning to the end of the project. You will reference this guide again during the Conclusion section of the WebQuest.

6. Now for the fun and exciting part! Time to write your own creation! Make sure to check the rubric to make sure you include all necessary elements. Remember the overall goal: creating a story with Gothic elements. Make it a story with modern elements, or even futuristic elements, but be creative!
Check out the following link to read about Gothic novels throughout history to get an idea of how Gothic elements are put together to create something genius!
7. It is not time to decide how you are going to present the wonderful story that you have created! You can choose from the following list or come with an idea of your own (but it must be approved by me first!): Dramatic Reading, Xtranormal Video, Movie Creation, or creating a book cover and necessary elements to turn your short story into a book with illustrations and all! Be creative!!!!! Have fun with this project! Not only will you be writing your own story, but finding a way to make it come to life!
Congratulations! You have made it through all of the horror and terror of discovering elements of Gothic literature and creating a Gothic story of your own! You have not only gained knew knowledge, but through critical thinking and creative skills you created a project you should be proud of!

Now that you have researched and wrestled with the elements of Gothic literature, take a few minutes to go back to the Anticipation Guide completed at the beginning of he WebQuest. In your group, take the time to discuss how your thoughts have changed on Gothic Literature and why.
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