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A presentation on how to bring a successful presentation alive

No description

Pieter De Leenheer

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of A presentation on how to bring a successful presentation alive

simple is not the opposite of complex use visuals simple minimize the number of (items on) slides better have one good argument than ten disputable opinions how to bring a
alive ? Pieter De Leenheer, PhD VU University Amsterdam unexpected put things in context concrete find the right level of detail credit others accept criticism know your audience credible controversial be original be credible yourself look into their eyes, and include everybody emotional anticipate on questions let people be what they want to be: it's about their needs and fears give sense to what you want to say use cognitive abilites to let your audience process and abstract stories illustrate and exemplify get direct access to the mind of your audience Simple
Stories Thanks for your attention; questions ? Credits to vinamaria@slideshare and Réné Magritte © Pieter De Leenheer for VU Amsterdam, 2010 = indeed time and pitch your talk
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