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Cruising in Right Direction

No description

Rameshwar Gaur

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Cruising in Right Direction

Cruising in Right Direction


Ascomp Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Reckoner3 ERP
New Delhi
designed by Rameshwar
Reckoner Modules
Life Lines
Understanding Modules One by One
Own ERP product with IPR & implementation will be done by us.
Product development focused organization with over 15 years experience
Implemented enterprise wide solutions in over 7 countries in different verticals
Focused on low cost of ownership and system management in product design
Extensive industry /government domain knowledge
Highly skilled and experienced manpower on different roles.
Faster development due to platform enabled solutions
Continuous platform enhancements to add new features
Software Solutions Company in operations since 1994
Product & Platform enabled Customized Project Focus Company
Over 500 Man years in development
In-house designed and developed ERP products
Over 15 years experience in developing and implementing integrated enterprise solutions
Strong Research & Development
Reckoner working at more than 120 sites
7 countries (India, Middle East & Africa)
Software solutions delivered
Ascomp Tech Pvt. Ltd.
A Quick Look
Existing Modules
Financial Accounting
Sales & Distribution
Plant Maintenance
Business Intelligence System
Document Management System
MIS Reporting
"We Change the way, you do the Business"
"Realtime Accurate Online Documentation"

Verticals where Reckoner is Functional
Trading & Distribution
Government Organization
Process and Discrete Manufacturing
General Ledger
Cost Accounting
Asset Management
Accounts Receivables & Payables,
Cash Flow Management,
MIS Reporting
Personnel & Payroll
Personnel Information Management
Attendance & Payroll Management
Leave Management
Loan & Deductions
Employee Benefits
Master Production Schedule
Material Requirement Planning
Bill of Materials, Production Order Scheduling,
Shop Floor Control, Assembly Line Design
Inventory & Vendor Management
Purchase Management
Service Management
Supply Management
Quality Management
Sales & Distribution
Sales Management
Customer Management
Sales & Promotions
Pricing, Order Management
Export Sales Management
Delivery & Dispatch Management
Credit Management
Sales Forecast
Production Plan
Finished Goods Inventory Plan
Material Requirement Plan
Raw Materials Plan
Purchase Plan
Cash Flow
Projected Balance Sheet &
Profit/Loss Statements
Sales & Distribution
Material Management
General Ledger
Supports Multi-level chart of account
Support for sub-ledgers
Linking accounts/sub-ledgers with entities
Unlimited / Continuous Financial Year with
posting periods
Definable vouchers and Day Books
Debit Notes/ Credit Notes
Definable set of statements and schedules
Support for multiple currency
Cost Accounting
Supports multiple cost systems
Hierarchical cost centers
Supports both actual and standard costing
Integrated with GL, production, materials and Personnel modules
Cost sheets generated automatically from other modules
Asset Management
Fixed assets definition
Automated charging of depreciation as per definition
Integration with purchase module for procurement & commissioning of fixed asset and its regular maintenance
Fixed asset register Schedule VI
Receivable & Payable
Debit / Credit Notes Creation/ Adjustments
Advance Received/ Advance paid tracking
Definable receivable and payable transaction times
Payment terms captured for debtors/ creditors during initial documents
Complete integration with GL module for automated adjustments
Creation of reminders/ dunning
Payment processing with various modes of payments
Finance - Screen Shots
Voucher Entry
Account Definition
Collection Processing
Cost Center Definition
Tax Definition
Payment Processing
Moving to
Sales & Distribution
Sales Management
Sales documentation with inquiry, estimate, quotation and sales order, dispatch, invoice and follow-up etc.
Supports wide spectrum of distribution, engineering or project companies
Customer credit limits and profiles
Order revision and scheduling
Order status monitoring
Elaborate charge scheme and multiple currency support
Supports Pre Sales, Sales and Post Sales process
Customer Management
Hierarchical structure of sales territories
Customers registration with territories and branch offices
Credit limits and customer ratings
ABC classification
Customer type (Primary/ Secondary)
Customer history and size
Terms and conditions
Rate contracts
Discounts, Volume Rebates and special schemes
Sales & Promotions
Definition of promotion schemes such discounts, free gifts, coupons etc.
Sample management
Scheme effective periods
Impact on order receiving, invoicing and dispatch
Specialized packaging and batch numbers for items under scheme
Distribution and inventory management of scheme items
Analysis of cost of scheme
Elaborate Charge Scheme definition with definable charge components
Price list definition Territory, Customer, Product, Customer wise.
Charges can be associated with customers, territories or products
Detail analysis for break-up of charges in documents
Supports large degree of complex charges such as taxes, discounts etc.
Allocation of document level charges on individual items
Export Sales
Support for export documentation such as LC, shipping bill, packing list, bill of lading etc..
Multiple currency support for different countries
Cost of sales and net realization for different customers and countries
Financial support for packing credit, bill discounting etc.
Sales Order
Sales Order Browser
Sales Dispatch
Sales Dispatch Browser
Sales Invoice
Sales Invoice Browser
Sales Plan vs Actual
Sales Analysis
Sales Dashboard
Moving Towards Material Management
Inventory Management
Materials can be classified in stock groups, types and category
Hierarchical Godown structure
Material transactions by means of GRN, issue and stock transfer
Supports lot level tracking and material ledgers
Supports multiple UOMs
Supports Quality Control, Cycle counting, ABC analysis etc.
Vendor Management
Allows maintenance of vendors and their sub-ledgers
Keeps track of history of vendors
Vendor rating as per definable criteria
Maintenance of source lists
Rate contracts with vendors
Vendor terms and conditions
Vendor lead times, catalogues maintenance
Purchase Management
Purchase documentation with Indent, RFQ, Quotation/ contract, PO and reminders etc..
Integration with MRP, inventory, GL, payable and cash flow management
Elaborate charge scheme with multiple currency option
PO schedule, revision and short closure
Quotation Comparison
Purchase of services as well as materials
Supports multiple types of planning
Consumption based planning (Consumable)
Forecast based planning (Finished Goods)
Production based planning (Raw materials)
Reorder Level Planning (Spares etc..)
MRP run generates Item requisitions or indent
Can automatically create production order or purchase order also
Quality Management
Allows definition of inspection document, tests types, tests and expected test results for different materials
Inspection documents initiated with every material transaction based on definition
In production, inspection document maintained after every job step
Allows for sample testing or complete testing
Analysis of tests and test patterns
Purchase Order Entry
Purchase Order Browser
GRIN Entry
GRIN Browser
Material Issue Browser
Material Issue Browser
Moving Towards Manufacturing
Production Scheduling
Supports production scheduling based upon user definable criteria
Maximum Throughput
Minimum lead time to jobs
Minimum idle time of resources
Maximum plant utilization etc.
Backward or forward scheduling
Resources/ production units allocation based upon order priorities
Constraints / What-if analysis
Shop Floor Controlling
Shop floor management through production order, schedule and job confirmations
Automated inventory and quality management along with job confirmations
Analysis of actual vs planned production
Resource/ machine usage logs and analysis
WIP inventory visibility
Machine/ resource productivity
Integration with Product Costing
Integration with Plant Maintenance
More in Manufacturing
Material Requirement Planning
Capacity Requirement Planning
Bill of Materials
Product Cost Planning
Production Order Scheduling
Assembly Line Design
Confirmation & Stock updation
Moving To Personnel & Payroll
Personnel & Payroll
Personnel Information Management
Payroll Management
Salary Calculation
Time Management
Leave Management
Loan Management
Employee Benefits Management (ESI/PF)
Tax Deductions
Thanks for Watching
Keep Cruising
ReckonerERP Process
BOM Definition Entry (with Coefficient, Variance%, Level, UOM, Components)
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