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WAPER, Future of Mobile Apps

Presentation for the mobile web vision2010 seminar

Soonho Lee

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of WAPER, Future of Mobile Apps

WAPER, The Future of Mobile Apps Mobile Web Native Application Service Development R&D Center,
SK Telecom 1. Native Apps vs. Mobile Web Soonho Lee, Ph.D A) Mobile Service based on Applications B) Easiness of Web Development C) Advances of Web Technology Smartphone Market Explosion
App. Store Introduced
Usability of Mobile Apps Low learning curve of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Useful Eclipse SDK Performance Enhancement of JavaScript Engine
HTML5, Widgets, Web Apps Web Apps Runtime Engine
based on Webkit 2. Possibility of Web Apps Web Apps Runtime Environment on Any Device
Standard APIs for Device Resource Access
Mechanism for Security & Privacy 3. Philosophy of WAPER A) Standard Web Development Ecosystem B) Device(OS) Independent Environment C) Secure Mechanism for Device Resource Access D) User Experience Similar to Native Apps 4. Characteristics of WAPER Mobile web apps development with HTML, CSS, JS
Mash-up service development using web open APIs Cross platform for web apps execution on any device(OS)
Optimized UI regardless of screen size (multiple CSS) Standard APIs for device resources such as PIMS, Calendar, Call/SMS, Camera, GPS, etc.
Policy mechanism for privacy and security UX of web apps similar to native apps
Multi-execution of web apps and switching among them Browser
Vendors Mobile
Operators Device
Vendors Solution
Providers 5. Web Apps Technology Trend HTML5 (Google, Mozilla, Apple, Opera) BONDI (AT&T, Telefonica, etc.)
JIL (China Mobile, Vodafone, Softbank, Verizon Wireless) Phonegap (Nitobi)
Titanium (Appcelerator)
Rhodes (Rhomobile) Nokia (Web Runtime Environment)
Palm (Palm WebOS) 6. Screen shots of WAPER 7. Potential of WAPER A) RIA for Mobile Web B) Web Apps in T store Thank you !! Soonho Lee, soonho@sktelecom.com
http://twitter.com/iskra2006 A) Performance C) UX D) Ecosystem Excution Speed of Web Apps
Fast Resonse Time Resolution Independent UI
UI Guideline
UI Framework Easy Development Tool
Powerful Debugging Tool Sound
Multimedia B) Functionality 8. More To Do
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