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Unit 3 Section 3 2013

Marriage and Family Life

Janette Turner

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Unit 3 Section 3 2013

Unit 3 section 3: Marriage and Family
Contents of unit:
Changing attitudes to marriage and family life
Different Christian attitudes to Premarital Sex
Purpose of Marriage and a RC wedding ceremony
Christian attitudes to Divorce
Christian attitudes to Homosexuality
RC teachings on family life
How Catholic Parishes help families
Christian attitudes to contraception
Media and Family Life
Changing Attitudes
Describe your own views of marriage and family life
Explain personal opinions, with reasons to support them, about topics in this section
Evaluate their own opinions against those held by others (especially RC views)
While watching - consider what your ideal mate would be...
My Perfect Partner
Identify qualities for your perfect partner
Choose the most important quality and explain why it is the most important
Is this the best way to choose a partner?
Sort the statements
Explain why you think things have changes
Aim for 4
Do you think the changes are good? Give reasons (3) for your opinion
Changes are good
Changes are bad
What has caused the changes?
Television programmes and information from around the world has promoted alternative lifestyles.
People in the UK are exposed to different lifestyles and laws which encourages them to demand the same freedoms.
People are more tolerant these days of other people’s beliefs and preferences.

Diversity is celebrated as a positive thing for society as it enables society to flourish and grow; change is seen as progress.
Changes in the law have altered people’s opinions about what is right and wrong.
Women’s rights campaigns forced a change in the law and gay rights campaigns challenged the stereotypes of gay people.
Multi-ethnic Society in the UK
As the UK has changed into a multi-ethnic society it has begun to accept different lifestyles.
The UK is not in a vacuum; instead it is affected by the various cultures that reside here, so naturally attitudes have changed.
Pre-marital Sex
Where a person is sexually attracted to a member of the same sex.
Having sex before being married.
A man and a woman are legally united for the purpose of living together as a couple.
The legal termination of a marriage.
Living together without being married
Christian Attitudes to Premarital Sex
Describe different Christians attitudes to premarital sex.
Explain why Christians have different attitudes to premarital sex
Evaluate different attitudes among Christians to premarital sex.

Why is sex a sensitive subject?
Sex is a sensitive topic because it affects everyone and most people have a slightly different feeling about it.
Most Christians believe that sex is an act of love that should only take place in a loving and committed relationship.
Most Christians believe that ‘adultery’ (unfaithfulness) and promiscuity (cheating) are immoral and should be avoided.
Adultery breaks the bonds of commitment and promiscuity undermines the sanctity of sex.

Sorting task
Cut out
Peer assess
Glue into book
Use pages 62-63
Create a table of different Christians views
Give reasons for each view
Include bible quotes/teachings to develop the chart
Sex should only be within marriage vs Sex outside marriage is acceptable
Write down a conversation that a Catholic might have with someone from another denomination of Christianity about sex outside of marriage.
Is this good? Or bad?
Catholic Marriage
To describe the four purposes of a Catholic marriage
To explain how the purposes are evident in a Catholic ceremony
To analyse and evaluate the importance of marriage

Watch the clip.
List at least 5 traditions that you see.




To be loyal and faithful only to partner.
The marriage will only be between two people.
Lasting forever, unending.
Produce young, have babies.
Do you think marriage is just a piece of paper?
Give 2 reasons for your view (4marks)
Describe different Christian attitudes to divorce
Explain why Christian have different attitudes to divorce
Analyse and evaluate the different Christian attitudes to divorce.
With partner, make a list of all the people that you think might get hurt in divorce.
What reasons do people give for wanting a divorce?

Make a list of all the people who could get hurt by divorce.
Divorce hurts:
A divorce is given by the courts if the marriage is 'irretrievably broken down' - there is no way a couple can stay together.
It is usually granted in cases of adultery, unreasonable behaviour or desertion.
In the UK about a third of marriages end in divorce.
That's about 160,000 a year.

Why are people more likely to get divorce now?
In your book:
People are less religious
Divorce is quick and inexpensive.
People are less willing to put up with bad treatment from a partner.
Divorce does not carry a social stigma (scandal) that it did in the past
Different Christian views on Divorce
Identify the positives and negatives of divorce.
S: Explain the different Christian views on divorce.
C: Analyse and evaluate the views. Do you think the Catholic Church teachings are outdated?
Different Responses to divorce
With partner complete the handout

B) Do you think the RC Church should allow divorce?

D) “Divorce can be the lesser of two evils.” Must mention RCC
i) Do you agree?
ii) Show how someone may disagree with you.
Respond to the following:
Different Christians views on Homosexuality
Describe different Christian views on homosexuality
Explain why Christians have different views on homosexuality
Analyse and evaluate different Christian views on homosexuality
Watch the clip - answer the following:

1. How do people know they are homosexual?
2. Up to what percent is it likely to have a gay twin?
3. Is it possible to 'cure' homosexuality? What do they change?
4. Is homosexuality a choice?
• Homosexuality has been accepted by society and those who are homosexual are encouraged to embrace their orientation.
• Though it is still in debate, many argue that homosexuality is genetic and so not something that can be ‘chosen’.
• Christians are separated in their responses to it; some Christians refer to the Old Testament and St Paul who condemns it.
• Other Christians interpret the lifestyles of some Old Testament figures and the message of Christ to support homosexual lifestyle.
• The Catholic Church insists that homosexuality contradicts our nature; being homosexual is not sinful, doing the act is.
In the UK, the Sexual Offences Act decriminalised private sexual acts between men 21 years or over in England and Wales.
The minimum age of consent at which a person may lawfully consent to certain homosexual acts was then reduced to 16 in England and Wales by the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000.
The UK government introduced the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations

Create the timeline in your book
Homosexual couples given the right to adopt babies
What is homosexuality?
Do people choose to be homosexual?
What problems might a homosexual face in today’s society?
Describe the 4 different Christian views
Explain why they have different views
Analyse the views based on bible teachings
Create this
Use this

Marriage – what are the arguments for and against allowing homosexual people to marry in a church?

Homosexuality is becoming more and more acceptable in our society
It still causes much controversy among some groups. Some of these groups are Conservative Christians as these pictures taken from various anti gay protests suggest....

Catholic Teachings on Family Life
Describe the Catholic teachings about family life. Define: nuclear family, re-constituted family, extended family.
Explain why Catholics hold these teachings about Family Life.
Evaluate whether Catholic teachings about family should be maintained.

Catholic Teachings on Family Life
• Many Christians believe that the family is the basis for society and that problems in society can be traced back to the family.
• It is within the family that children learn about faith and become fully participating members of society.
• The Church generally believes that people should either marry – with the intention of starting a family – or take vocational orders.
• The Catholic marriage vows require a couple to accept children lovingly from God and raise them as Catholic.
• Part of the Catholic upbringing includes taking the Sacraments, attending Mass and attending Catholic School.
• Parents have a duty to love and nurture their children, and children have a duty to respect their parents and care for them later in life.

i) Why is the family so important for Catholics?

ii) Why should married couples raise Catholics families?

iii) What should Catholic parents and children do for each other?

Write and respond to the following
Explain why teachings on family life are important to Catholics
M-Explain what the bible text means
S-Explain why this is important for Catholics
C-Analyse how Catholics should live their lives
Catholic Family Responsibilities
With a partner, make a list of what each should be responsible for:
Parents should:
Children should:
In groups, complete the questions assigned
Explain / give reasons where necesssary
Analyse and evaluate question 7. Complete as a D questions (to be assessed)
Exam Questions
(b) Do you think family life is important? Give two reasons for your point of view. (4)
(d) “A religious family is a happy family.” In your answer you should refer to Roman Catholic Christianity.
(i) Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion. (3)
(ii) Give reasons why some people may disagree with you. (3

How Catholic parishes help with the upbringing of children
Outline how the Roman Catholic Church helps with the upbringing of children.
Explain how Roman Catholic parishes assist in keeping families together.
Evaluate the actions of the Catholic Church in keeping families together.
Watch the video:
1. Make notes
2. Add notes to your spider diagram
Parish Bulletin
Use the textbook to complete the bulletin for the people in the parish.
In exercise book explain how these activities will help a family.
Analyse and evaluate the claim that families would fail if there were no Church.
List 4 ways the Church helps families
Which is the best way to help families?
Is the family the Church's business?

Different methods of contraception
M: Describe different types of contraception.
S: Explain why some people use contraception
C: Evaluate different points of view, showing why they consider their own view to be the right one.
How many different types of contraceptives can you name?
Different Methods of Contraception
Use the textbook to complete the table:
Preventing intentionally pregnancy occurring from
Intentionally preventing pregnancy from occurring
What is the definition of Contraception?
M: Describe each type
S: Explain how it works
C: Analyse the pros/cons of it.
• Health: Some people have conditions which will be aggravated if they conceive a child.
Between suffering health conditions and using contraception, using contraception is the lesser of two evils.
• Control: Some people want to have more control of how many children they have and when they have them.
While traditionally child mortality was high and families were large, now children survive and couples can’t keep large families.
• Careers: Some women prefer to have the option to pursue their careers rather than have children.
Having children is time consuming and costly, so some women prefer to work rather than be mothers so they use contraception.
• Rights: Some people believe that they have the right to decide if and when they have children.
For many people sex and childbirth are two separate issues and contraception enables them to keep that separation.

C) Explain why some people use contraception.
Brainstorm Contraception
Name as many types as you can
List reasons why people use it
Which is the best reason and why?
Christian attitudes to Contraception
Describe Christian attitudes to forms of contraception.
Explain why there are different attitudes to contraception among Christians.
Evaluate different attitudes among Christians to contraception.

Create the following table and complete
Contraception is the same as abortion
for against
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