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Hosting Olympics

Advantages, corruption and future in hosting the Olympic Games. A COM400 Presentation.

Chelsea Prince

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Hosting Olympics

Beautification Tourism Worldwide exposure Short-term pride Citizen morale Transportation Boost in art and culture When Sydney Dance Company came to NYC it was sold out 2/3 of the world watching At Beijing, new subways and airport terminals were constructed 1996 Atlanta- Olympic Park has become the centerpiece of urban life and Georgia Tech uses the Olympic village as dorm rooms Increase in jobs Australia Games- Increase in domestic jobs by 50% Barcelona Games- “The Games are going to put us [Catalans] on the map of the world”
First time many people heard about Catalans Raises bar on tourism Sydney:
Most of the tourist during Games were domestic, but there was inflated cost for travel during and after
$45 million ad campaign to get tourists to spend their holidays
There was a 50% increase after the Games in the United States
There was a 62% increase after the Games in the United Kingdom

Translated into Australian Olympic fortunes for the next two decades For Australia, the Games provided the most exciting events in their lifetime…and if people all over the world knew little about Australia before the great festival unfolded, most became enamored with the “Land Down Under” in a very short time China
Recover greatness since the Opium Wars and collapse of Qing dynasty
Win over younger generation
7 out of 10 Australian citizens supported the Games Clear up misconceptions Beijing "greening" projects Downside: forced evictions Trade In July 2001, Beijing was awarded the right to host and then two months later, China finalized negotiations with the World Trade Organization(WTO.) Rome was awarded the 1960 games in 1955, the same year Italy started to move toward currency convertibility, joined the United Nations, and, most important, began the negotiations that led two years later to the Treaty of Rome Montreal 1976 paid back debts in 2005 Australia total cost: $7 billion CORRUPTION SALTLAKECITY Salt Lake “did not invent this culture, they joined one that was already flourishing” Sydney broke rules set by IOC 2014 Bid: Russia and the Koreans spent in excess of $40 million Bought housing supplies in excess of $30,000
1992, Salt Lake introduced a 'Scholarship Program' - Sibo Sibandze, whose father David was the member for Swaziland, received $111,389 for his education at the University of Utah.
Paid for jobs (John Kim- $100,000)
3 subpeonas to universities, University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Utah Valley State
IOC kicks out 6 members over scandal (from Ecuador, Sudan, Congo, Mali, Chile, Samoa)
Middlemen sold votes to IOC members from countries that really had no chance of winning bids in their own regions, but were still key votes in the battle between North American, European and Asian cities

FUTURE The IOC has worked hard over the past decade to clean up its image after the highly publicized vote buying scandal in 1998. The site selection process has been re-engineered and the IOC assures that bribery is a thing of the past.

Will the games just be held in a few stagnant places? Is the cost worth it?

Continents that have not organized the Games yet like Africa or Latin America will have more opportunities to host the games in the future

Why host the Olympics? The president and senior vice president of the Salt Lake City Committee resign and two other high-ranking SLOC officials are put on paid leave.

Six IOC members connected to the scandal were expelled
President and senior vice present of Salt Lake City Organizing Committee were put on paid leave

Legal: 15 counts, including the wooing of IOC members with more than a total $1 million (in cash, gifts, scholarships, etc.) to racketeering. The suit was brought up in 2001, dismissed, appealed and then dismissed again in January 2003.
Example: Jean-Claude Ganga, the IOC member from the Congo Republic, received a Utah real estate deal, $70,000 and free medical care. He told the LA Times this was “normal.” The I.O.C likes to chose cities that will further the Olympic movement also help to create change in bid cities—i.e. Rio, Beijing in 2008, Seoul 1988 "We are faced with a magnificent but frightening dilemma," said Jean-Claude Killy, the French ski great. "If we limit the actions of organizers, we deprive the Games of their creative and transforming power. If we accept all their ambitions we are jeopardizing possibly the Games. (National Post) Olympic Games Profits Since 1984
1984: Los Angeles Olympic Games made profits of US $250 million.
1988: Seoul Olympic Games made profits of US $300 million, a record high for a government-run Olympiad.
1992: Barcelona Olympic Games made profits of US $5 million.
1996: Atlanta Olympic Games made profits of US $10 million.
2000: Sydney Olympic Games Organizing Committee generated an income of US $1.756 billion.
2004: Athens Olympic Games ended in a loss.
“…win or lose, the bid process is a great opportunity for all Applicant Cities because of the legacies it can provide.” Jacques Rogge Can help to regenerate the community
Tagline for the Olympics is “Live your passion”
Marketing is as a celebration—Carnaval in Rio is the largest party in the world
“Rio is Ready” is a headline on their 2016 Web site—but are they? Will people be safe?

There will be four venue clusters, linked by a high-speed train, private beach for athletes
Funded as a long term development project
Ministry of Tourism foresees that there will be a 10 to 15% jump in the number of tourists in Brazil from 2015 to 2016.
The Working Group assessed every 2016 bid prospect, and Rio got surprisingly low scores, with a 4.5 on security and 5’s for accommodation and transportation (out of 10)

Lingering taste of corruption: On May 3, 2009, the Rio de Janeiro bid committee accused the Madrid bid committee of sending a spy to Rio de Janeiro during the visit of the Evaluation Commission, and considered filing a formal ethics complaint with the IOC.
Berlin bid for 2000 Olympics, organizing committee had files on 92 members including sexual tastes, financial corruptibility [alleged] The Swedish dossier on IOC members for Stockholm 2004- “… he should always be taken out for dinner…” 1996 Atlanta- Park has become the centerpiece of urban life and Georgia Tech uses the Olympic village as dorm rooms Cost and Profit 2016 Games Olympic committees for 2014 bid END
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