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Looking to the Future of SCORE

No description

Ken Yancey

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of Looking to the Future of SCORE

Who we are and what’s important to us
Three years of volunteer survey
Benchmarking the best chapters and leaders
Input from volunteers, leaders, board and staff
Completely in line with and supports SCORE’s mission, vision and goals
How We Developed
Our Beliefs
The State of Small Business and
SCORE's Strategic Goal
Help one million clients by 2020.
Help one additional client per month,
per active mentor, for 5 years.
How do we get there?
Strategic Objectives & Indicators
SO 1: Grow the number of new clients using SCORE
Strategy: Increase new clients of SCORE through national marketing and promotion efforts
Develop additional website content & enhance webinars and workshops
Improve active email subscribers & click-thru rates
Beta test Facebook and Twitter advertising
Create campaign to gain client advocates

Strategy: Increase new clients through local chapter marketing and referral relationship building
Create and implement marketing plan based on existing resources and market
Review and use Marketing Resources on Volunteer Center
Build partnerships to increase awareness of SCORE to their audiences
SO 2: Improve quality at every level
(mentoring, administrative, leadership, recruiting, education/services)
Strategy: Develop and disseminate on-going training to improve SCORE services
All volunteers SLATE certified in FY2015
Develop new volunteer training program on internal subject matter
Implement new Learning Management System to accurately track and report continued learning

Strategy: Recruit and retain the right volunteers
Review and use Recruiting Cookbook in your chapter
Review and share recruiting and NPS metrics
Reach out to community organizations that may contribute volunteers to your local chapter
Fully utilize web resources to find volunteers (i.e. LinkedIn, Volunteer Match)

SO 3: Develop a culture, nationwide, that supports SCORE’s values, beliefs and the way we act
Strategy: Clearly define and develop understanding of SCORE’s values across the entire organization
Communicate and promote our values, beliefs and our goal. Our client’s success is our success.
Continue to build and provide support for volunteer on-boarding

Strategy: Create an environment of accountability
Ensure minimum standards are met
Share client survey data to all volunteers in your chapter
SO 4: Develop sustainable funding that allows us to achieve our goals
Strategy: Develop multiple private funding channels
Increase planned giving outreach
Test revenue sharing
Develop more “real estate” to sell

Strategy: Ensure all funds are spent in pursuit of SCORE’s mission
Focus on changes in chapter cash balances and reported usage of funds by pre-defined areas
Submit budgets on time and in compliance with strategic plan

Our Direction
Values, Beliefs and How We Act
Strategic Goal
Strategic Plan
SCORE's Next 50 Years
To foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education.

Every person has the support necessary to thrive as a small business owner.
SCORE’s Mission
& Vision
What’s Next: NLC and after
Use the Strategic Plan to guide Chapter plans and goals

Start at the start

Use the Leadership Conference to get direction, answers and inspiration

Go back to your chapter and put your plan into action
The Future of SCORE is Bright

Stay true to our mission & vision
Live our values
Implement our plan
Relentlessly pursue our goals
Help people!
Have fun!
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