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Diversity: a curse or a blessing for online collaboration?

No description

Gizeh Perez Tenorio

on 19 March 2017

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Transcript of Diversity: a curse or a blessing for online collaboration?

Diversity: a curse or a blessing for online collaboration?
The PBL9 story @ ONL162
Digital tools (eDTECH)
Open Educational Resources
Online Course Design
Online Collaboration
Online PBL
You learn about
ritical Thinking and Problem Solving
reativity and Innovation
Acquire important skills
You work in PBL groups
where members are diverse
Learning styles
Previous PBL experience
Time zones
On your way you might feel frustrated
People here seems to go in different directions...
(Different goals)
I want to go fast but they're slow
(Different tempo, skills)
English is not my mother language I feel insecure

(Different Language)
The communication platform sucks! I don't hear anything!
(Different IT skills, connectivity)
I don't have time
(Different priorities)
What are we doing here? Facilitator I am waiting for instructions to proceed
(Different PBL experience, cultural background)
I need more structure, I rather think alone
(Different learning styles,
Introverts in a group?)
Diversity can be a curse
Feeling like this?

It takes time to bond as a group. Did you know that there there are different group stages?

Your facilitators will help you!
Don't despair!
And Sonja Sharp, a PBL9 member and facilitator at ONL171 has something to say about what makes a group successful
Francisca Frenks, PBL9
co-facilitator will tell us
about her role
Thanks to Members of PBL9 at ONL162 for making our collaboration such a blessing!
Can it be because...
Open Networked Learning
For us who want to develop digital teaching and learning environments

Open course organized by KI, Lund University, Linnaeus University, KTH, Stockholm University (Sweden), Independent Institute of Education (IIE) (South Africa), Arcada (Finland) and more to come...
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