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Curriculum Night

No description

lindsay aldridge

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of Curriculum Night



Good Choices

Registration Dates
Eastview Middle 1/8

Abbott Middle School 1/11

Kimball Middle School 1/11

Tefft Middle School 1/11

Kenyon Woods Middle School 1/12, 1/13,
1/14, 1/15

Counselors will be at your school to go over courses on the following days:
**Discuss your choices with a parent or guardian and PLEASE come with your yellow sheet signed!

Percision Manufacturing TE160GE1/2
Think about your class choices carefully! Once you meet with your counselor you will not be able to make elective changes!
What is our SEHS community about?
1. We care about students.
2. We care about each other.
3. We care about teaching and learning
4. We care about our building.
-AVID is an elective course for motivated students who have the potential for success in Honors and AP courses, but need a little more support
-AVID focuses on:
Organization, note-taking self-advocacy, involvement, commitment to academic and post-secondary goals
-The ultimate goal of AVID students is the acceptance to and commitment to graduate from a 4-year university.
-AVID may be taken as a 7th course
Academic Expectations for SEHS Students
Strong Work Ethic
Consistent Attendance
Challenge yourself with a variety of different classes
Improved Test Scores on:
Assessment in a Standards Based Grading System
Student Self Advocacy
Graduations Requirements
- 4 years of English
- 3 years of Math
- 2 years of Science

- 2 years of Social Studies

- 7 semesters of Physical Education
- 1 semester of Health
- 8 semesters of Electives

-9th grade Biology required
-11th grade U.S. History required
-12th grade Civics/Econ required
-Including at least one year in one of the following: art, music, world language, family consumer science, business, health care science or technical education

Students earn 1 credit each semester they pass a class (ie pass English S1 and S2 = 2 credits
Must earn
40 credits

total in order to graduate
Extracurricular Activities and Sports at SEHS
Research on Extracurricular Activity Participation and Student Achievement
Why Get Involved?
-Students who participate in academic clubs have higher math, reading and English grades than students who are not involved.

-Students who participate in sports have a higher rate of high school graduation than do students who do not participate.

-Additionally, colleges and scholarships often look at a students' extracurricular involvement to see learn more about a student, what is important to them, and what skills or passions they have devoted time to.
Shulruf, 2011
Shulruf, 2011

College Admissions Recommendations
Please note that if your student expresses interest in attending a 4-year college immediately after graduation from high school it will be recommended that they have the following to meet college admissions requirements:

- 4 years of English
- 3-4 years of Science
- at least 3 years of Social Studies
- 4 years of Math
- 2-4 years of Foreign Language

Standard Course Load
- Students will be enrolled in 6 courses and given a 50 minute study hall

- Students who are in the following programs will be given 7 courses:
- BEACON Academy
- Orchestra/Band/Chorus

*All other requests for 7 courses will be considered on a case by case basis and space permitting.
Honors and AP Courses
- Honors and AP classes are designed to provide students with a rigorous and challenging curriculum.

- AP – Advanced Placement Courses are the equivalent to a college level course.

- Both level course may include summer work that must be completed prior to the start of the school year.

- Honors & AP courses earn weighted credit if an A or a B is earned.

- Student motivation, current grades and teachers are the best resources to determine if Honors or AP is right for them

Language Arts
- 4 years of English are required for college and graduation

-Elective classes include:
- Speech, Debate (one semester long
- Newspaper, Yearbook, Creative Writing (full year elective)

- Freshman Literacy Lab placement will be determined by test scores

- 3 years of Math are required to graduate; 4 years are recommended for post-secondary education of any kind (tech school, 2 year college, 4 year college).

- Your students counselor will help them determine what math classes they will take through high school based on which course they are placed into for 9th grade (either Algebra, Geometry or Algebra 3-4).

- Placement is based on current math course and grade, MAP score and teacher recommendation.
- All freshmen will take and must pass Biology (either Honors or regular level) in order to graduate.

- 3-4 years are recommended for college preparation and admission.

- 2 years of Social Studies are required to graduate. U.S. History is required during 11th grade, and Civics/Econ are required 12th grade.

- A 3rd year is recommended for college admissions

Social Studies
Elective Options

1 Semester Options
- Law I
- Law II
- Intro to Psychology
- Sociology
- International Relations
Full Year Options
- World History
- World Geography
- AP Human Geography
- AP World History
Advanced Placement (AP) Courses are College level. Talk with your students current teachers to help determine if this is the right fit and stop but the Social Studies table for more info.
Fine Arts
1 Semester Electives
- Discovery Draw Paint
- Discovery Sculpture
- Discovery Photo
- Acting I
- Acting II
- Child Theater Workshop
World Language
- French 1-2
- German 1-2
- Spanish 1-2
- Spanish 3-4 (per teacher recommendations)
- Heritage Spanish
- Mixed Chorus
- Concert Orchestra
- Varsity Band
- All percussion students should choose
Concert Band
2-4 years of language are recommended for students planning 4-year colleges which MAY require it
Students who march with the band are eligible for a semester 1 PE waiver. A semester long class or study hall can be put in place of PE.
Family and Consumer Science
Business Education
1 Semester Electives
- Computer Applications
- Advanced Computer Applications
- Intro to Global Business
- Multimedia Design and Presentation
Health Care Science

Full Year Elective
- Computer Programming 1-2
1 Semester Electives
- Foundations of Health Care Science
- Fundementals of Human Anatomy
Technology Education

Full Year Electives
- Production Technology
- Intro to Engineering (PLTW)

1 Semester Electives
- Automotive Fundamentals
- Electrical Fundamentals

Full Year Electives
- Intro to Culinary Arts
- Fashion/Apparel Construction
Textile I

1 Semester Electives
- Child Development

Coaches will be available in the gym during the fair
Graduation Requirements
Students will get their course selection sheet and counselors will present on the following
KWMS - 12/13
EMS & AMS - 12/14

Students will meet with their counselor to select courses:
KWMS - Dec. 15th, 16th, 19th, 20th
EMS - Jan. 17th (AM)
AMS - Jan. 17th (PM)
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