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Christabelle Parnanthu

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Purim

What is Purim?
Purim is a partying holiday.
It celebrates when the Jewish were saved from Hamen, who tried to organize a genocide.
They were saved by the Queen Esther
The story of Esther
A jewish girl named Esther became the queen to a man named Xerxes
An anti-Semitic man named Haman came in power and was appointed prime-minister
Esther's cousin refused to bow down to Haman
Haman convinced the King to organize the extermination of all Jews
After hearing this news, Esther revealed to Haman and the King that she is Jewish
The King ordered the death of Haman and appointed Esther's cousin as the new Prime Minister
On the 14th of Adar they rested and celebrated
Hamantaschen = Yiddish for "Hamen's pocket"
Triangular shape + three corners representation:
For Purim, many celebrate by wearing elaborate and fun costumes.
Often times, costumes are paired with events such as parades, parties, and carnivals
This tradition came from the idea that Esther "masked her identity"
Mishloach Manot and Matanot l'evyonim
Fun Fact
The Purim-spiel is an event where a community puts on a play retelling the story of Esther as way to retell the story.
When is Purim?
Gift exchanging is a part of the celebration of Purim
Mishloach Manot is the gift exchange between your friends and family
On the other hand, the Matanot L'evvonim is giving gifts to the poor so they are able to celebrate Purim too.
Purim is celebrated on the 14th day of the jewish month of Adar, this translates to different days each year on the calendar we use, but is usually sometime in March
2015: it was celebrated from the sunset on March 4th to the evening of March 5th.
2016: it will be celebrated from the sunset on March 23rd to the evening of March 24
Adar = twelfth month of the year on the Hebrew calendar
Haman wore a three-cornered hat.
The founders of Judaism: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Fillings for hamantaschen may be fruit marmalade, cheese or poppy seeds.
Purim is a public holiday in Israel. On Purim, schools remain closed
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