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Copy of Art Education: It's Important.

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Quadira Stith

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Art Education: It's Important.

Alfredo Ramos Martinez.
By:Quadira Stith What
is the
function of art? Materials ALfredo Used For His Artwork....... Music My Reflection...... BUT... SO... How can we
be a proponent
of art? Integrate Discussion: What else
can we do? THE
END =) http://stldancingclassrooms.org/dancing-classrooms-on-nb
http://alumniconnections.com/olc/filelib/NAEA/cpages/9004/Library/NAEA_LVA_09.pdf Alfredo Was born in Nuevo Leon, Mexico on November 12, 1871 and later died on November 8, 1946 in Los Angeles, California. He is the ninth child of Jacobo Ramos and his wife Luisa Martinez He is known to be a painter, muralist and educator. He has worked and resided in Mexico, Paris and los Angeles. Some people consider him to be the "Father of Mexican Moderism''. Alfredo Ramos Martinez in Paris

In 1900 Ramos Claims residence in Paris and meets several painters and writers, such as Ruben Dario who was a Nicaraguan poet and founder of Modernismo which is known as the spanish-Language literary movement. Also he meets Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet ETC.
During his time in Paris, he attended several artistic and literary salons. He began to draw on newspapers and attended the Salon d'Automne and Won a Gold metal for his painting
La Primavera. While I did my research on Alfredo Ramos Martinez I did not find that much information about him and the purpose of his artworks. I did have a interest in his paintings becuase he used different materials other artist, and i foun it interesting that he was working on a mural at Scripps College. The visual arts are art forms that create works that are primarily visual in nature, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, film making and architecture. But are not limited to that definition. There are many artistic disciplines. Think of all the Visual arts that have made an influence in your life....... There is substantial evidence that high-quality education in the arts provides students with opportunities to develop a number of capacities that are not well addressed in other areas of the curriculum,such as visual-spatial abilities, self-reflection, and experimentation. In addition, visual arts education has been shown to motivate students who might otherwise be at risk of dropping out of school. Twelve Benefits of Music Education
Music Education Advocacy Resources

1. Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning.

2. There is also a causal link between music and spatial intelligence (the ability to perceive the world accurately and to form mental pictures of things). This kind of intelligence, by which one can visualize various elements that should go together, is critical to the sort of thinking necessary for everything from solving advanced mathematics problems to being able to pack a book-bag with everything that will be needed for the day.

3. Students of the arts learn to think creatively and to solve problems by imagining various solutions, rejecting outdated rules and assumptions. Questions about the arts do not have only one right answer.

4. Recent studies show that students who study the arts are more successful on standardized tests such as the SAT. They also achieve higher grades in high school.

5. A study of the arts provides children with an internal glimpse of other cultures and teaches them to be empathetic towards the people of these cultures.

6. Students of music learn craftsmanship as they study how details are put together.
6. Students of music learn craftsmanship as they study how details are put together.

7. Through music study, students learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and the concrete rewards of hard work.

8. Music study enhances teamwork skills and discipline.

9. Music provides children with a means of self-expression.

10. Music study develops skills that are necessary in the workplace. It focuses on "doing," as opposed to observing, and teaches students how to perform, literally, anywhere in the world.

11. Music performance teaches young people to conquer fear and to take risks.

12. An arts education exposes children to the incomparable. Mr. Duey at www.mrduey.com
Rockin' The Standards at www.rockinthestandards.com
Scholastic's Study Jams at www.studyjams.com 
Teacher and the Rockbots at www.teacherandtherockbots.com Resources for Teachers 0 Alfredo Ramos Martinez in Mexico

Alfredo went to Mexico and was later known as a Director of a art school National Academy. He open up his first school Open Air Schools of Painting in the Santa Anita borough of Mexico City. The class had a total of 10 students including David Alfaro Siqueiros who would establish his own sucess. Before stepping down as director of schools who would later open up another school in Coyoacán.
Alfredo Paintings Pastels Charcoal Conte Crayon Gouache Alfredo Ramos California in
Alfredo met Maria de Sodi Romero of Oaxaca, Mexico and later on married her. A year later their daughter Maria was born, she was diagnosed with a crippling bone disease. The Moved to Los Angles because of her condition and looked for help through DR. John A. Wilson.
Ramos received many offers to display his works at several museums and arts gallery through the Hollywood area. In 1946 Alfredo started a Margaret Fowler Garden Mural at Scripps College but did not finish due to becoming sick. He later died on Novemeber 8,1946. Margaret Fowler Garden
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