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The war of 1812

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April Naing

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of The war of 1812

The War of 1812
This is our prezi on the war of 1812.
The war of 1812 was a war fought between Great Britain and America. It was caused due to disagreements. Here's what happened:

At the time Britain and France were at war. It had to do with the Napoleonic wars in which Napoleon wanted to grow France. America was growing but then the two sides both thought America was supplying the other side with weapons, food and other supplies. They demanded to check the cargo and sometimes even stopped the ships. The british blockaded the main departure area for ships. America got mad. They were of course frustrated and so Britain thought of reconsidering but soon without knowledge of this they declared war on Britain and
violence broke out. In June 1812, war was
declared. Public outrage was caused due to impressionments by the British.
This is the cause for the war.
The war of 1812
The war and it's course
Major figures from the war
Canadians, British and Native
The British were the main force and the Canadians currently living there as well as the first nations united to go against Americans. In fact, without the extra help the British may not have stood a good chance in the war. So Britain didn't in a sense always want to rule Canada but also protected that land and the people living there.
The two sides
The war of 1812 was supposedly a major war which wasn't always recognized. It was also known as "the forgotten war" and the "war of poor communications". Both sides had surprising attacks. Many people died. It was intense. Most battles happenened around the U.S and Canadian border and on the great lakes.
The war of 1812 could not proceed without the help of many figures. Without these figures, there is technically no way Canada would win the war of 1812 against the United States of America. 4 people that are major figures are: Sir Isaac Brock, Laura Secord, Tecumseh and Charles de Salaberry.

The Americans invaded Canada in their belief that they could beat the other side (Canadians/British/native).The war was fought around the Canadian and American border.
A battle plan with the victory of either British, USA or the indecisive battle
This feud consisted of two sides. The American and the British. They fought a great battle......
The sides are ...
4 heroes from the war of 1812.
Bottom left: Laura Secord
Bottom right: Charles de Salaberry
Top left: Sir Isaac Brock
Top right: Tecumseh
Charles de Salaberry was a French speaking hero . He was a military figure that is recognized as a major figure in the War of 1812. He fought in Canada and took charge of the defense needed at the border. He served as an officer during the war. He made a blockade and an illusion which confused the Americans. The illusion was the forces he had were much stronger than they were. He helped Canada which allowed us to stop the Americans from taking away our territory. He is the hero of Chateauguay.
Charles de Salaberrry
Another person which was a major table turner is Sir Isaac Brock. He was the general of the British. Sir Isaac Brock prefered fighting in Europe rather than fighting in Canada. He still helped which also allowed us to keep our territory. He helped the British in Canada, although he prefered fighting in Europe. Brock ws killed in Queenston Heights. He is the hero of Upper Canada.
Sir Isaac Brock
One person is Tecumseh. He was the leader of his Shawnee tribe. He believed that the first nations should get rid of their intertribal rivals and work together to ward off real enemies. The land which they shared together. He bravely led his tribe into war and helped protect thier land. He was killed after 1 year after general Isaac Brock died. He died protecting the British as they retreated.

Laura Secord was a big help during the war. This woman had overheard the Americans plan a surprise attack by Niagara Falls. She walked about 20 kilometres just to tell the British about USA's surprise attack. The Americans attacked a few days later but thanks to Laura Secord, the Americans were unsucessful. If the Americans had won they would have taken over the entire Niagara Peninsula . Laura Secord is a hero because she risked her life of this 20 kilometre walk. This is a risk because if the American troops caught her, they would probably kill her because she is telling the British their surprise attack. Laura Secord is the heroine of Beaver Dams.
Laura Secord

By: April, Janki and Zaria
Laura Secord
Charles de Salaberry
Sir Isaac Brock
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