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Environment Management System 2013

Degree Work

don dandi

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Environment Management System 2013

hemat energi untuk masa depan keturunan
hemat energi untuk kelangsungan hidup masa yang akan datang
latest dashboard

because, we only have 1 EARTH
we are trying to save our planet
Environment Management System
Our main duty is.....
Appointed as "CHANGE AGENT" in September 2012
"Integrating enviromental aspect into business daily operation, long term planning and quality management system"
let's take a review!
by dandi

Embedding Sustainability Project
What is the GOAL
Plan what to accomplish over a period of time and what we might do to do, to get there
do what you plan to do
check the result of what did to see if the objective was achieved
standardize & stabilize what worked OR Go through the process again
we socialize to top management in each Business Unit in Rajawali Corp to make a commitment and establish a signed policy & objective for ESP by the Champions
then we influence it to all employee
how to short waste
how to save water
how to save energy
by providing ISO 14001 training on March 2013 for champion's, the Business Unit in Rajawali will prepare for certification
Collecting all BU data for measuring methodology standardization
Develop standard measuring for RC ESP
continue EMS process by identifying BU requirements completeness
Collecting all RC BU legal compliance list related to environmental for RC ESP data bank
Updating RC BU policy data
Let's take a look to our program in
develop legal compliance self assessment check list to capture BU status as legal compliance is minimum standard that must be achieved
also we will have bank data for RC ESP
updating RC BU policy data base for RC ESP team reference
supporting BU to identify requirements completeness for ISO 14001 by (example: gap analysis)
Water Management
Management System
Land Management
Biodiversity Management
Pollution Management
Energy Management
Climate Change
Collaborate with Rajawali Environmental Themes
as the Corporations Sustainability Commitment:


and road to ISO 14001 compliance
again..... why we need ISO 14001? (at least at compliance level)
main program....
IM: Initial Measurement
source: www.iso.org
Establishes a framework for systematic management of environmental risks
Cost Saving
Enhanced stakeholder satisfaction
Access to new markets
Increased market share
Environmental benefits
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