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My Life in 2030

No description

Renee Borglum

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of My Life in 2030

Double click anywhere & add an idea My Life In 2030 Personal Global Climate Change Genetics Overpopulation Kids
Adali will be 22 and just finishing college
Emilia will be 20 and going to college House
We will have built our own house on a few acres out in the country.
It is entirley self sufficent with a hybrid solar/wind system
Water from showers and laundry goes though a grey water system and we use it to water the lawn
An acre or two is reconstructed prairie
My husband and I have opened a Green Resort that is entirely self-sufficient and helps guests see how they can incorporate green ideas into thier lives. There is a garden where we grow most of our own produce and where kids learn about composting and garden basics. Kids
Adlai looks a lot like me but has more of her dads personality
Emilia looks more like her dad but has more of my personality Diseases
High cholesterol from my mom and love of meat is probably catching up with me
Also from my mom I have had several precancerous spots on my skin removed Kids
We only had two kids because overpopulation is out of control. Causes
We donate to an organization that provides birth control to women in developing nations Countries
India now has the highest population
Because there are more people, there are more wars. However, they do nothing to really change the increase in population Disease
With increased vaccinations there are fewer deaths due to disease
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