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Hamza Mazhar

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

About the company
project of shareef groups of industry.
How it all started ?
Operating in 4 cities.
Head office in Lahore, farm and plant in chiniot.
Shareef dairy farms are the only milk production farm unit for Anhaar

About the supply chain
in-house supply chain.
the raw material to the distribution all by itself except packaging material.
Each step adds value.
cold supply chain.
Transportation network
via road.
on-farm plants eliminates the transportation cost of the raw-material to the plant.
'all shipments via intermediate transit point with cross docking’.
final product is not stored at the ware-house. loaded on smaller cold storage vans and delivered to stores.
12 vans in Lahore, 8 in Isl/pindi and 2 in Faisalabad.
Anhaar's value chain
Anhaar aims to add value at each step of the supply chain. Like any firm, Anhaar’s value chain incorporates:
key products:
Anhaar whole milk
Anhaar full cream milk
Anhaar low fat milk
Daily dairy ( pouched milk )
Anhaar yogurt

5 stages of supply chain
anhaar farms built to eliminate any supplies delay and due to hygienic reason.
competitive advantage.
costs more but gives them constant supply and high quality.
australian cows and other high quality breed is used.
raw material
packaging material
on-farm manufacturing plant
this makes supply chain effective and efficient.
latest and high tech machines.
supervised by highly trained workers.
minimal contact of human with the milk.
on-farm quality control lab.
manufacturing process:
Distribution network
from plant to 3 warehouses
via road in cold storage vehicles
entire fleet of feeders and vans are refrigerated at a temperature of 4° Celsius.
retail storage with customer pickup.
not stored at warehouses.loaded into smaller cold vans.
route of distribution decided by sales team.
Distribution network
low response time - nature of product ;product availability to ensure that fresh milk is on the shelves of the retail outlets when needed and lastly, return ability which means the ease at which the retailers may return any milk bottles which have expired if not sold within the shelf life of the product.
no order taking system, in retail sale.
800+ retailers in total 4 cities : 500+ in Lahore, 300+ in Isl/pindi, 100+ Faisalabad.
division of retailers : chiller stores,small marts,Karyana stores.
retailer are the customers.
CRM ; a specific sales head deals with a shop thus builds a healthy relationship.
Transportation network diagram
milk dispatch plan
New product development
Anhaar’s R&D team continuously works to develop new, related products for its portfolio and stresses upon developing dairy products that are pure and make use of more or less the same ingredients.
Main contributions
: white plastic bottles,which protects milk from uv rays and sun-light,sustains the freshness,unique & is user-friendly
Marketing & sales
sales is very crucial according to the Anhaar supply chain.
Anhaar is selling to retailers, sales are an important aspect and the company has to make sure that sales transactions take place on the right time and without any margins of error.
marketing team is very active.
only retail marketing
customer service
process views
Cycle view
only 2 cycles apply
First is the manufacturing cycle,which milk is purified, bottled and packed at Anhaar’s factory and then distributed (via its own fleet of vehicles) to the retailers.
The latter process is referred to the replenishment cycle in which retail outlets are supplied with milk.
customer does not order so no customer order cycle.
procurement cycle is concerned, it applies only to the purchase of packaging materials.
Push-pull view
Anhaar doesn’t react to customer demand/orders, but instead anticipates it and pushes its product down and into the market.
Demand created by company and product.
Drawback - demand may vary and the supply couldn't meet it;product might get expire without being sold.
packaging material
Revenue management
Increase profitability and the supply chain surplus.
pricing - sales team
Costing - supply dept
Supply chain strategy
efficient by cost reduction and being responsive
overall supply chain strategy tends to be more responsive as compared to being efficient by reducing costs.
company strives to reduce lead times aggressively even if slightly higher costs are incurred.
High quality & fresh milk - charge more then competitors.
Inhouse S.C & distribution which allows for speed, flexibility and reliability of supply and delivery on time to the market.
Strategic fit
push strategy
‘scope of strategic fit’ extends to being inter-functional in nature as all the processes and operations are designed to increase the company’s overall profits.
A fit is achieved by trying to balance efficiency (cost reduction) and speed to market (responsiveness).
functional product - stable demand
very responsive supply chain strategy based on its capabilities which include a stable supply of milk on a daily bases and also its own fleet of cold storage transportation vehicles.

not much interaction with end users
BUT this does not effects their commitment towards their final users.
Role of I.T
Microsoft excel - mostly used
Oracle - managing operations,storing info
Online portal - faster communication and sharing of information
Blackberry - keeping track,sharing information and better communication
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