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West Branch- Keeping the Focus on Learning

No description

Kelsey Strope

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of West Branch- Keeping the Focus on Learning

Keeping the Focus on Learning
West Branch Community School District

What is the purpose of grading?
Why do we grade?
Feedback to improve learning
What is the purpose of homework?
Homework= practice.
In the real world, you submit your work, get feedback, then improve it.
What did we do to prepare?
Cedar County PD breakouts.
Research: Marzano, Reeves, Wormelli, O'Connor.
Building study groups.
A Repair Kit for Grading: Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades
By Ken O'Connor
Personal Learning Networks (#sbar).
Skype with Waukee Middle Language Arts.
Process Continued
Michelle Carter Business Ed
Email- mcarter@west-branch.k12.ia.us
Twitter- @CarterM2743

Bill Gelhaus 6 Math and Science
Email- bgelhaus@west-branch.k12.ia.us

Jacqui Hart 5th Grade
Email- jhart@west-branch.k12.ia.us

Sara Oswald 5-12 Principal/PreK-12 Curriculum Director
Email- soswald@west-branch.k12.ia.us
Twitter- @soswaldwb

Kelsey Strope PreK-12 STEAM/PBL Coach
Email- kstrope@west-branch.k12.ia.us
Twitter- @KelseyStrope

Jessica Taylor 5-12 Assessment and Data Coach
Email- jtaylor@west-branch.k12.ia.us

How did we get started?
Eliminate toxic grading practices. (i.e The Case Against the Zero.)
Change the focus to the learning- not on the points.
Provide evidence of learning to students and parents.
What was our process?
Had several discussions of scales.
Extends, Secure, Developing, Beginning
Identified process verses content standards.
Held parent/community meetings.
Constant conversations with each other and students .
Lots of conversations on what each level of knowledge really meant.
High school staff started researching and discussing at their level.
Practical Solutions for Serious Problems in Standards-Based Grading
by Thomas R. Guskey

Continued to discuss descriptors.
Modified at the middle school level to Expert, Solid, Developing, Novice
9th Grade high school staff required to use SBG; other grade levels/courses had the option to switch now or next year.
High School staff read
Assessment Essentials for Standards-Based Education
by James H. McMillian
Lots of collaboration happened between content area curriculum teams.
Teachers worked to develop or improve assessments aligned to standards.
Implemented ActiveGrade grading software.
Went full 5-12 SBG.
Redefined standard descriptors- consistency 5-12.
Expert, Solid, Competent, Needs Relearning
Got rid of the letter grade 'D' at the high school level.
Went back to reporting through PowerSchool.
Lots of 'wake up calls' at the high school level
150 F's given 1st semester.
Teachers and students both being held accountable.
Built in I.S./ Reassessment time.
Bear experience
Pulling F reports.
High school- Academic awards pep rally.
High School Final Grade Calculations

Cedar County PD Breakouts- Matt Townsley (4 MS teachers)
Couple of MS teachers tried out in their classrooms.

Several more MS teachers began implementing.
Decided middle school would 100% go to SBG Fall 2012.
Study group formed to do research and write policies.
A Repair Kit for Grading: Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades
By Ken O'Connor
Each teacher had to identify power standards for assessments.
Two MS teachers piloted the standards side of PowerSchool grading software to best determine calculations.
Decided to eliminate traditional grades at the middle school level.
Exploration and Research
Twitter- #WBSBG
Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports
Priority Standards
Quality Assessments
Student Video #2
Michelle- Bear Experience and Instructional Support
-Teachers or students fill out a Google Form to work on re-learning and re-assessing during IS time
-Bear experience notices go out to students and parents via email merge every Friday to anyone who is at N or I telling students they must stay after school 1 or 2 days the following week
-IS and Bear experience lets me work 1 on 1 or with small groups to re-teach and re-assess

Jacqui- Skill Development Time
- "Skills to Practice" sheets
- Daily practice/ reteaching
- Reassessment opportunity
- Students who don't have skills to practice.
English process- Took the Iowa Core and cut apart the standards. Then the departments combined them into their standards.

Science process- Thought ahead to the NGSS.

Social Studies process- Used the Iowa Core 'Essential Concepts and/or Skill' terminology.

Math process- The math department met and decided to use the Iowa Core domains because the terminology mainly aligned throughout middle school.

Specials process- Most areas referenced national standards at the time. Now, some have gone back and used the language from the Iowa Core Companions/Universal Constructs.
Extra, Extra, Read all about it!
Assessment Planning
Identify the specific targets to be assessed
Determine the level of cognitive demand (What kind of thinking?)
Decide what type of assessment items and how many to use
-Selected Response
-Constructed Response

* View
Test-Item Quality Checklist
at the end of the Prezi
What are we teaching them?
Student video #1
What is the evidence?
How will we respond?
Former 7th and 8th grade math teacher.
Current instructional coach.
1st to pilot in the district.
6th grade Math and Science
Was a points man
Had reservations
5th grade teacher
TAG teacher for 12 years, was in position during transition.
1st year at West Branch High School
New to standards based grading
Taught at West Branch HS during planning phase
Induction Coach, supported new to the profession teachers with SBG
Current Instructional Coach (Assessment/Data)
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