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Allies versus Axis

No description

Caleb Reiter

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Allies versus Axis

The biggest strength of the Axis Powers are that
they are better prepared for war.
They also had a firm control of a lot of land.
They also had a wartime economy already in place. Strengths The Axis Powers were more spread
out. This required Germany to be
maintain troops on two different
fronts. Weaknesses The biggest weakness of the Allies
was that they were not prepared for
the war. Their other weakness was
that they had to hold off the Axis
Powers while waiting for the U.S.
to gain strength. Weaknesses The Allies also had the United States
on their side. They had a high
production capacity, and were great
for supplying and helping out in the
war. America! Strengths The Allied Powers had more people, or
soldiers, than the Axis Powers. They also
weren't as spread out, and they had the
Soviet Union. Allies vs. Axis Strengths and Weaknesses The Axis Powers The Allied Powers
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