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Automating Reference Data


Karen Lopez

on 19 January 2011

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Transcript of Automating Reference Data

Automating Reference Data, Generalized Models and Codes
Tips for Getting it Right
Karen Lopez, ISP
Sr. Project Manager
Codes & Reference Data
Controling or Informational
"lookup tables"
...is it all really different from other data?
Codes & Reference Data
One man's look up table is
another man's strategic data
10 Tips for Managing Reference Data & Codes
1. Know which entities are Codes & Reference Data
2. Manage in a database...with RI turned on...and constraints...and....
3. Version data
4. Monitor modifications - automatically
5. Monitor database configurations
6. Compare Structure and Content
7. Compare what data developers & DBAs are using...& QA, too.
8. Data Architects should monitor data for QA and Production
10. Make it easy for team members to keep in sync
9. Use Issue and Change Management Systems
Karen Lopez

What to put in Data Model?
Subtype Discriminators
< 7 values
Very stable, simple data
Follow me
on Twitter
Structures become DATA
Using generalized approaches changes where data architecture is applied...but not what needs to be done
Please ask questions at any time
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