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The History Of Digital Animation

No description

Mackenzie Dobb

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of The History Of Digital Animation

Digital Animation. One of the earliest Digital Animation film's was Westworld. This is an example of a short Digital Animation film. 1968 A group of Russian that were lead by N.Konstantinov created a model of a moving cat. A program was made for the computer BESM-4. The computer then printed hundreds of frames to be later made in to film Kitty 1971 Peter Foldes made a 2d animation that was drawn on a data tablet, who used the world's first key frame animation software, invented by Nestor Burtnyk and Marceli Wein. Metadata First u In some movie's they get people to wear special suits to help see the movement. The first digital animated short film to win an Oscar. 1988 Tin Toy Toy story is one of many classical digital animation films.
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