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Domestic Violence:The Second Victim

No description

Angelina Marshall

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of Domestic Violence:The Second Victim

Domestic Violence :The Second Victim

Angelina Marshall
Storm Forman
English 4

Including the Children
In most cases of domestic violence ,much attention is given to the women who are victims of abuse; however ,children who witness domestic violence and are affected by it ,rarely, if ever get the support they need to cope. Was my thesis right???? My thesis was partially right because they dont give the children the resources and help they need to cope or begin the healing stages directly,but they do give them what they need through their mother. Children exposed to Domestic violence are more likely to develop social,emotional,physchological and or behavioral problems than those who are not. Ways Domestic Violence affect Children These are some the most common and well known affects of children witnessing domestic violence. Affects of Domestic Violence DV is a whole pattern of actions that one person uses to dominate and control another person through physical and sexual violence,and the ongoing threat of violence. What is Domestic Violence? Children's exposure to domestic violence typically falls into three primary catagories: Hearing a violent event,being directly invovled as eyewitness, intervening,or being used as a part of a violent event,experiencing the aftermath of a violent event. A well known effect of children witnessing domestic violence is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) . What is PSTD? It is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which gave physical harm occured or was threatened. Long Term Effect What help do we have DV victims in Pennslyvania? We have the P.A Coalition Against DV a private non profit organization working at the state and national levels to eliminate DV,secure justice for victims,enhance safety for families and communities,and create lasting systems and social change since 1976. Works Cited Bancroft,Lundy.When Dad Hurts Mom. New York:GP. Putnam Sons,2004
Wilson,K.J.WHen Violence Begins at Home.Alameda: Hunter House.,1997
Becker,Victoria.Conquering Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.Beverly:Fair Winds Press,2008
www.clarkprosecutor.org/html/domviol/what.htm How much help do we have for our children? They have over 50 different shelters in the state of Pennsylvania that shelter the victims and their children of domestic violence.Also in many of the domestic violence shelters in P.A. have one or more staff persons designated as childrens advocates to work directly with the children who accompany the mothers in the program. Any Questions???????? In conclusion, in most cases of domestic violence much attention is given to the women who are the primary victim of the abuse and the children who witness it rarely if ever get the support they need to cope. After I researched my topic thoroughly I figured out that what I said was partially incorrect the children are being helped but they are being helped through the parent(primary victim). For instance there is no shelter or protection program in Pennsylvania that is just for the children its for the family as a whole. Conclusion Thesis
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