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Give Me a Home

Shelter Year Plan

Ali Fair

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Give Me a Home

Shelter history fine arts industrial arts geography literature writing Students will look at how shelters have changed over time Students will look at different countries and what type of shelter exists in different countries Construction of shelters

Refer top Lloyd Khan’s book Shelter Do a project that has a philanthropic value behind it Students would talk about descriptive writing and visualization and describe their dream house that they visualized in their head

Students will build their own model shelter from a selected time period and region Students will draw a picture to go along with their descriptive writing about their dream home Students will create a mural depicting the evolution of shelters over time and the people who lived in them Students will look at cave painting and other ways that people decorated their shelters Something that provides cover or protection, as from the weather. A refuge; a haven The state of being covered or protected To betake to cover, or to a safe place A house, a home. Students should be able to discuss what they think makes a building aesthetically pleasing Looking at different styles of architecture and helping students to appreciate the beauty in shelters Look at floor plans and blueprints and how those are useful Look at the different tools and machines used to build houses Look at different types of houses and how construction would vary based on the type of house Building skyscrapers The difficulty in building sturdy shelters math Students will calculate the approximate perimeter, area and volume of their own home Students will look at different units of measurement and how different people from different areas use different systems of measurement Students will create a floor plan to scale of their own home science Students will research another planet and design a possible structure that could survive on another planet Talk about renewable vs. nonrenewable resources Look at where materials come from (ex. Trees come from forests) Read and refer to Llyod Khan's book "Shelter" sources Llyod Khan's book "Shelter" Students will look at materials that shleters are built with and how they have developed over time Students will look at who has created shelter Students will begin to discuss different types of homes Students will identify and discuss different climates Students will be able to identify necessary features/materials for a shelter in a specific climate Students will learn/review where the continents are dramatization Students will act out building a specific type of shelter (i.e. an igloo) and talk about what type of materials they would need, how they would build it and where they would build it reading Students will read The Three Little Pigs and discuss the types of shelters the pigs built and what the difference in material were Example: collecting blankets to donate to a homeless shelter Talk about human responsibility to each other and how we must provide and help others not just ourselves Read the book Someplace to Go which discusses homelessness music Students will make their own instrument using only supplies that would be needed when building a house Students will discuss how materials used to build shelters can also be used to make music Talk about how the evolution of houses relates to the evolution of music and how materials changed for instruments as they changed for shelters Teach and sing to children Give Me a Home. Talk about what type of home they are singing about in this song Students will write about why everyone needs shelter. They will research the importance of shelter and why it is essential for our survival Better skill in writing
Better skill in measuring distance and calculating area
Developing skill in building models
Developing skill in drawing
Increased ability in writing
Better understanding of world geography
Ability to gather information on a certain subject
Ability to report information to class

Desireable Habits and Skills Attitudes and Appreciations Economic
Appreciation of the ancient tools and modern inventions used to build shelters.
Appreciation for natural materials (wood, concrete, stone, etc.) used to build shelters.
What it means to design and build a shelter that is sturdy and useful for all tasks.
Exploring why people throughout the world have created different types of homes .
What people from all cultures have contributed to the idea of a shelter.
Recognizing our responsibility of volunteering and helping other humans in need.
The number of people and industry it takes to supply materials for the construction of one building
Developing a joy in building models, painting, and drawing.
Interest in all types of musical instruments.
Interest in the construct of all shelters around them
Growing interest in reading non-fictional books.
The pleasure of designing a house and making a floor plan Aesthetic
An appreciation for the beauty of architecture.
An appreciation for the complex construction of a home.
Knowledge of the first types of shelter and how they have changed over time
Some idea of what materials make the strongest houses and how to build a sturdy shelter.
General knowledge of different climates.
Some idea of what house features are necessary for different climates.
General knowledge of what tools and machines are needed to build houses
Knowledge of how to calculate perimeter, area, and volume of an area.
Some idea of how to construct a shelter
Information -Houses and Homes by Ann Morris -Someplace to Go by Maria Testa
-Interest in planets (sparked from researching planets and shelters that could exist on them)
-Interest in what shelters will look like in the future – Ideas about what adaptations will be made, ideas about changes in architecture and design
-Interest in helping the homeless and volunteering- How can we help? Who does homelessness affect? Why are people homeless? What organizations that help the homeless are in our area?
-Interest in construction and architecture
-Interest in other countries and continents and the people who live there
-Interest in building materials— What is brick? What is it made out of and how is it prepared? What is cement? How is it made?
-Interest in listening to music, playing a musical instrument or creating an instrument – How can we make music? What options are there of instruments to learn to play?
-Interest in other types of buildings (skyscrapers, schools, office buildings, restaurants) and how their construction varies in different cultures.
-Interest in world geography – What are the continents, countries and regions of the world? What are the differences in different areas across the world?

New interests leading to further activities
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