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Living and Nonliving Things

Kindergartners will examine characteristics and differences of living and nonliving things.

Lindsay Schemm

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Living and Nonliving Things

Living and
Nonliving Things Living Things Nonliving Things If non means not. Nonliving Things Nonliving Things What does nonliving mean? DO NOT Need: Food
Plants are living things. Plants need:
Air Grow and change How do you
know if something
is living or alive? Living and
Nonliving What happens if plants don't get the sunlight, water, and air that they need? They will die. to grow and
change. How do you know if something is nonliving? Not living Grow or change. DO NOT need air, food, and water. Are these flowers living or nonliving? Is this dog living or nonliving? Is this rocking chair living or nonliving? But the rocking chair cannot move on it's own.
It does not change.
It does not need air, water, or food
therefore it is not alive. Nonliving The rocking chair was made from a tree that was once
living. Is this clock living
or nonliving? The hands on the clock move with the help of a battery.
The clock does not need food, air, or water therefore
it is not alive. Nonliving Lets find out... Let's watch these plants grow and change. Resources:

www.youtube.com ("It's Alive" Scene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective movie, Growing Plant - Time Lapse with Nokia N8 and FastMotion, Cookie Monster video from sesamestreet.org)
Moyer, Richard et al. Science:National Geographic Society, Macmilliam, McGraw- Hill Edition. New York, NY. McGraw-Hill Companies. 2000. Print.
Pictures from: www.strangehistory.net (black cat) www.thehalloweenideas.blogspot.com (carved pumpkins) Let's watch these plants
grow and change. Are these carved pumpkins living or
nonliving? They are nonliving. Pumpkins grow on a vine, once a pumpkin is cut off that vine, like these pumpkins were, they no longer grow or change.
These pumpkins no longer need food, water, or air; therefore they are nonliving. Is this cat living or nonliving? This cat is alive! The cat needs food, water, and air.
Therefore the cat is living.
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