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Amcult 363

Joyce's Mom Oral History Project

Raymond Chin

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Amcult 363

American Culture 363 - APA Women
Winter 2010 - Oral History Term Project
By Raymond Chin Woman I interviewed Joyce's Mom (Mrs. Tseng) My Good Friend Joyce Tseng Her Three Children Brian Tseng Joyce Tseng Kurt Tseng Born in Taiwan1959 Currently resides in Canton, Michigan Designed the 2009 GenAPA Cultural Show Logo & Website Works at the University of Michigan Is a staff nurse at the UofM Hospital Left Taiwan to pursue her Master's degree at Wayne State University in 1985 Open about different religions Sacrifice Why I Interviewed her. Even Better! “I know I like shopping too but I try not to do that. If I see a bargain, I have to buy. So that’s why my kids in college so I can’t really do that. I visit the library very often and I like to watch a movie…and also some good movie can make me think about deal with life or how to appreciate the life of something.” “But we [Joyce and I] have different, I’m kind of into Buddhism, but her kind of into Christian. It doesn’t matter. I think the way you take care of things, I think religion good.” Big Themes + Notes of Interest Mrs. Tseng: I think my husband and I, we don’t keep our kids to us. I let them go. Sometimes the parents will prepare their financial things. I don’t want my kids to stay in Michigan. I want them to get out of here. There is beneficial for them to stay near by because when they have a problem I can take care of it right away. Good thing is if they are not really stay at home although they stay close by but live on campus, so they still kind of independent. Ray: Is there anything you want to change in your life, if they (your children) are graduated, would you want them to stay in Michigan, or anywhere in the world? Independence Struggle 1985 - Arrives in America,
Needs to adjust to language barrier. Sense of loneliness. Gets married.
Has 3 children - Brian in 1988, Joyce in 1989, and Kurt in 1991.
1991 - Finishes her masters degree
All in the span of 6 years. Ray: When you were going through school, were there a lot of other Chinese people or Asian people at Wayne State? Mrs. Tseng: When I get into the master degree over here, I don’t think I see that many Chinese or Asian people here. But if I see any, they probably get into the, probably not master but probably Ph.D so maybe from China or not really from Taiwan. So kind of lonely or other people just get into other area. Most people if they have job in Taiwan, once they come here study, they all kind of go into the computer science, at that time it really popular but I still stick with nursing so its kind lonely. Race? Discrimination? What I learned Mrs. Tseng: If that’s really a truth, then you can’t avoid it. Then you just have to work harder and you have to be aggressive that’s what is most important thing. I think in America the culture is different from Asia because the culture teaches to be humble. But America is not like that. America teach you have to be self-centered, you have to be aggressive. If you want it, you want the things, you have to after it. The End
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