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Taylor Morgan-J

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of vertibrates

Facts about the Angelfish They are covered in scales...from head to finn! they are cold blooded they need to regulate the body tempature with the tempature around them the angelfish lay eggs they breathe though their gills! These are angelfish eggs facts about the posinous dartfrog they have four legs with webbeb feet they are cold blooded they lay eggs they have soft skin they are cold blooded they lay eggs they don't have any legs hard overlapping scales facts about the king cobra they have feathers no teeth facts about Cats have hair at all stages of life they breath though their lungs they are warm blooded facts about robins all robins lay eggs robins have beaks Vertibrates they prey on small animals such as mice the king cobra has sharp reflexes so he can catch it's prey the robins prey on worms and small bugs the robins can fly with It's wings there prey is cat food they have to learn how to live with humans they prey on bugs they can live underwatheto get rid of they prey on fishfood there superpower is that they breath underwater
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