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The Preacher Character Traits

Character traits of the preacher from Elijah of Buxton

Raina Wiradinata

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of The Preacher Character Traits

The Preacher From the book Elijah of Buxton By: Christopher Paul Curtis The Preacher is Unpredictable
Mean Greedy The Preacher is sneaky because there were parts in the story where he demonstrated this trait. One time when the preacher was sneaky was when he fooled Elijah into giving him the fish Elijah had caught. That was being sneaky because he tricked Elijah into giving him the fish, and Elijah didn't even know what was happening at the time.(Pg.64) Another time was when the Preacher stole the money from Mr.Leroy. This is sneaky because the Preacher said he was going to just drop it of at Michigan. He tricked Mr. Leroy into giving him the money, but he didn't bring it to Michigan to pay the family out he used it for gambling. (Pg.231-234) Greedy The Preacher is greedy because a action he did in the book can show that. The time was when the Preacher fooled Elijah of giving him the fish.He was greedy because Elijah was getting that for his whole family, and the Preacher took for himself.(Pg.64) Unpredictable The Preacher was unpredictable at times, so I think that this trait is good for the Preacher. One time was when he went to Michigan and didn't come back for a few days later.This was unpredictable because Elijah was wondering what happened to him, because the Preacher said he would be right back. Another time was when the Preacher stole the money from Mr. Leroy. It was very unpredictable because I didn't think anyone from this book would do something like that.(Pg.231-234)
Mean I think this trait fits well for the Preacher because he is not always nice. One time when the Preacher was being mean was when he told Elijah and his friend Cooter about a make belief hoop snake. This was mean because Elijah and Cooter believed the Preacher and got really scared.(Pg.1-8) Another time the Preacher was being mean was when He took Elijah to the carnival. The carnival is a place where Elijah's parents don't want him to go. This was mean because the Preacher disobeyed Elijah's parents, and also because He didn't have permission to take Elijah.(Pg.103-104) Now You Know About The Preacher From The Book Elijah Of Buxton Thank You For Viewing My Prezi Sneaky Sneaky
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