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4th grade is awesome

No description


on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of 4th grade is awesome

I improved more in math this year in Division and how to complete problems that I struggled with last year. I improved my addition and my subtraction to really high numbers that I would of not known in 3rd grade. In multiplication I think I improved sooooo much that I can multiply almost anything on a sheet of paper.
What have I improved more this year?
One study habit that I need to improve on is to work on a little more IXL to prove my knowledge a little more to be as successful next year and other years to come.
What is one study habit that I will need to improve to be successful in 5th grade?
The standards I will continue to work on is fractions and angles. I will improve this by finding things that I can convert into fractions during the summer and I can work on angles with windows to see what angle they are. This will help for the 5th grade because I struggled with these units in my last test.
What standards will I continue to work on?
My favorite part of 4th grade math class was probably the division and multiplication units because we learned things that will be required to be successful in 5th grade with the tough problems that will be on the 5th grade test papers. So it will really help for next year.
What was my favorite part of 4th grade math class?
4th grade is awesome
4th grade year
What is my favorite read aloud book Mrs.Culver read to me this year?
My favorite was The One and Only Ivan because It was sad,happy, and exciting throughout the story.
What Book club books have I read this year and what and why my favorite book club book was that book?
The book club books I read were Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing, Hatchet, Wide Window, Bridge To Terabithia and Gregor The Overlander. My favorite book club book was Hatchet because it was adventrous and was a true realistic fiction book.
By; Zach Richardson
Why I think I improved as a reader what what I will do to improve that skill this summer?
I think I've grown as a reader by learning new words to my big pink brain and learned to read huge books. I'm understanding books alot better then before. Over the summer I will help improve my reading by reading, reading, and reading and participating in Book It To The Creek program and be ready for next fall.
Why do I feel that I'm a better reader now after the activities we did because?
My handwriting improved and I'm now writing more complete sentences.
What will I do as a writer this summer?
Try to write alot for next fall and still have time for summer fun.
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