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How to make Budapest more attractive ?

No description

Dorottya Kósa

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of How to make Budapest more attractive ?

How to make Budapest more attractive in the world ?
We can make Budapest more attractive in the world in two ways.
(Gastronomy is one of the most important key driver of hungarian tourism. Our dishes are famous for their special flavors and spices.)
Social Media
Thanks to the community surfaces and the quick sharing options, we can easily share our experiences with the world.
There are many marketing techniques which are based on this principle.
Two of them are the tasting stands and the coupons.
The "HASHTAG" project
A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the number sign " # " in social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram. This function make it possible to group photos, videos, and messages.
Mini movie
Asking tourist in special places of Budapest, about their most awesome experience with this city.
Promote Budapest abroad !
Promote Budapest in Budapest !
What comes to your mind when I say Paris? The Eiffel Tower isnt it ?
What comes to your mind when I say London ? The Big Ben, maybe a call box or The Queen..
And what comes to your mind when I say
? I guess too many things, or maybe nothing.
Make Budapest more inviting abroad is as important as make Budapest more alluring inland.
People like when they receive a gift. They appreciate and note it. One of the driving force of society is the principle of reciprocity, therefore if we get something we will appreciate it, and as we can reciprocate, we will do it.
It could be a good idea to build tasting stand in touristic points in major cities. People can get tiny bites from hungarian flavors. The tasting stand would be filled with pictures from Budapest, so the tasters could match good experiences with Budapest.

Foreign people could receive coupons for restaurants in Budapest as well. Coupons symbolize values for customers, because those can be exchanged for a dish.
/The element of surprise can be very strong. /
Organizing different types of flash mobs (dance, music, sing) can be an effective advertising. It is impressive, beacuse people will remember it for a long time. And it is operative as well, because people will make photos and videos from it, and they will share it too.
After the action it could be a good idea give some flyers with description of Budapest, badges with photos of Budapest or just small cards with just one word : "BUDAPEST". It is important, because in this way people can combine the experience and the city.
Making souvenir stands in touristic parts of Budapest would be a great idea. And do not ask to pay for the gifts even better idea. The prizes could be the shares with one hashtag word : Budapest. For the more valuable gifts have to "pay" more sharing.

The marketing world started to explore the possibilities offered by social networking sites and applications. This is a quick and easy way of advertising
The End
Special places would be ruin-pubs ( it is a typical invention of Budapest), famous squares, museums, restaurants and charming streets.
Because we would ask what was their positive experiences, therefore the videos will be very cheerful and encouraging, so we could cut the responses into a very effective
promotional film.
Those who buy from a souvenir-shop, are tourists. Tourist are foreign people from all over the world. When they share their photos (or videos, or posts ) with their community in their social surfaces with a "Budapest" title, it is an easy way to promote our city in the world.
Shares would be photos videos, and posts from the city with the hashtagged word: Budapest.
The association is a relationship between two things. These relationships, will be strong if they are repeated often. I think Budapest needs iconic buildings and statues which could symbolize the city.

Doing a questionnaire or a survey in this theme would be useful. I would ask people what is the first thing what comes to their mind from Budapest. After I would try to make the most popular answer to the "icon" of Budapest.
Maybe make contract with airports, travel agencies, websites to play this video. Or there is a cheap way as well. Just sent the video to people who are in the video. It is certain that they will share it in social websites and sent to their family and friends.
Perform flash mobs in famous squares of big cities in the world, or on public transports of foreign countries is very inventive. The flash mobs could be hungarian traditional dances, sings, or musics. So this way we could show our culture as well.
some examples of these flash mobs :
A mini world in Budapest or many mini Budapest in the whole world
It would be nice if people around the world could eat delicious Hungarian dishes and could listen to Hungarian music or just meet Hungarian people.
And it would be nice too if the foreign people in Budapest could feel themselves at home for a few hours.
"Budapest" bars and restaurants
in big cities around the world would be a great idea ! In these places, people could taste the specialties of Hungary ( e.g..: pálinka, gulyás,somlói..etc.). The "Budapest" bars and restaurant would be filled a lot of pictures of Budapest, and traditional hungarian music.
And maybe we could give a new and unique attraction to Budapest. It could be called to
"House of Nations"
or another more creative name. This building would be huge with many floors and rooms. Every nation could have a small room, or a big table. It would be colorful, full of photos from countries around the world. There would be many guest books and photo albums for the tourists. Mini mock-ups and models could be very interesting in the rooms. This buildig could function like a cafe house, or a pub, maybe a community place. And I am sure it would be one of the biggest attractions of Budapest
Make Budapest more friendly
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