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joe rydzinski

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

golf's hero
Happy Gilmore stage 1
The ordinary world of Happy Gilmore was trying to be a hockey player. His dad taught him the secret to the greatest slap shot ever. Happy Gilmore realized that he could drive in a competition against the movers from the IRS, after his grandmother's house repossessed. stage 2
The call to adventure for Happy Gilmore was from the Club Pro, Chubbs Perterson. stage 3
When Happy Gilmore refused the call of adventure, Chubbs stopped him by telling Happy he could make the big bucks. stage 4
The mentor ,Chubbs, gets Happy Gilmore over the first threshold and helps Happy get into the PGA tour. stage 6
Happy Gilmore was working his way up to the top and towards Shooter McGavin, his main enemy. stage 7
The approach to the innermost cave for Happy Gilmore was when he challenged Shooter McGavin to beat him at golf. stage 9
The last putt to achieve his goal was amazing and he used what his mentor (Chubbs) taught him. stage 12
The homecoming for Happy Gilmore was just getting back to where he started at his grandmother's house.
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