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Mystery Project- Erinah

No description

Erinah Mukasa-Wilson

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Mystery Project- Erinah

By: Erinah Mukasa-Wilson
Period 2 Mystery Project Soil Evidence Footprint Evidence Handwriting Evidence Fabric Evidence Ink-Chromatography Evidence DNA Evidence Fingerprinting Evidence The soil from the high heeled shoe footprint next to the wardrobe in the crime scene has a pH of 8. This matches the soil from Holly's shoe, and Cody's shoe.

The soil from the footprint near the body has a pH of 7. This matches the soil from Anne's shoe, William's shoe, Beck's shoe, Rachel's shoe, and Henry's shoe. Next to blue props, crime scene: 28.5 cm
Next to costumes, crime scene:26 cm
Joe: 28.5 cm
Anne: 23.1 cm
Holly: 23.8 cm
William: 30.3 cm
Mrs. Moore: 24 cm
Officer: 25.7 cm
Rachel: 24 cm
Henry Vinn: 26 cm
Beck: 30 cm
Cody: 26.6 cm In the crime scene, there was a note found. Each of the witnesses gave up their handwriting samples, and after testing and analyzing, Holly's handwriting proved to be a perfect match.

Note: cursive, no visible capital letters, slant to the right, no unusual loops or curls, t's are crossed closer to the top, i's are dotted over the following letter

Holly: cursive, capital letter is connected to next letter slightly, slant to the right, no unusual loops or curls, t's are crossed closer to the top, i's are dotted over the following letter. There was a crumpled note found under a desk in the crime scene room. Ink samples were tested from the witnesses in the case. The Chromatography Rf's and colors shown from the ink from the crumpled paper are very similar to the Chromatography of Holly's. The Rf numbers from point A, B, C, and D are very similar: Anne's DNA which had 21 bands, matched the DNA found near her head outline in the crime scene. It also matched the DNA found on the top corner of the table, the table leg, and the splatter on the floor.
Cody's DNA which had 25 bands, matched the saliva residue on the bottle found in the crime scene.
Holly's DNA which had 19 bands, matches the skin cells found on the bracelet found in the crime scene between the curtain and the costume rack.
The following names had DNA that did not have any matches or relations to what was found in the crime scene:
*Henry Vinn- 20
*William Pinkerton-24
*Joe Gutierrez-17
*Elizabeth Moore-26
*Rachel Johnson-15
*Beck Martin-19 The water bottle found in the crime scene was
tested for fingerprints. After testing and analyzing the waterbottle, the were no visible fingerprints found on it. Black marks can be seen on the piece of evidence, but no actual fingerprints can be detected. In the crime scene, there was a piece of fabric found.Samples of fabric were taken from each of the witnesses. After testing and analyzing, the fabric could be matched to Holly's sample. Both samples were white, curly, and soft. Both of them also burned quickly, turning a yellowish color as the fabric as the fire moved up the fabric. The fabric found in the crime scene can clearly match Holly's. Crumpled Paper
A: .18
B: .43
C: .95
D: 1 Holly
A: .17
B: .41
C: .92
D: 1
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