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Global Cities and the Games of the Olympiad

No description

SJ Titus

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of Global Cities and the Games of the Olympiad

Global Cities and the Games of the Olympiad
The Asian Global City
The 'Invisible Gorilla' experiment
Exclusive focus
Attention is zero-sum
"It's easy to miss something that you're not looking for ..."
"Global cities" are the 'gorillas' in our midst
State-centric view of international relations
We are not paying enough attention to cities
Michele Acuto (2010)
'Global cities' are different to 'world cities'
Technology and financial flows are differentiators
London, New York and Tokyo - original 'global cities'
Number has grown to approximately 40
Saskia Sassen
Global city:
City with a global reach that functions as an essential node within cross-border networks
Saskia Sassen (1991)
'Global Cities' Report
China after the Beijing 2008 Olympics
Human rights remains an issue
Communist Party National Congress 2017
Governance going forward

Questions over the North Korean regime and its nuclear missile program

Why China and Japan?
China as a BRICS economy
Japan as central to the world economy
China's 'One Belt, One Road'
Viewership and exposure
The cities themselves ...
"... It is time to pay much more attention to the gorillas standing ... in our midst."
- Michele Acuto
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