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Finding the Main Idea of a Passage

No description

Jenna Felish

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Finding the Main Idea of a Passage

Understanding What You Read
Main Idea
Finding the Main Idea
Common places for main ideas may be:
What if the main idea is unstated?
Group Work
Big Picture
The main idea is the most important thought of a paragraph or section of text, which tells the reader what the text is about.
The first sentence
The last sentence
A couple of sentences in
10 Word Story
Repetition of ideas, words, or phrases
When you're with your friends, it's okay to be loud and use slang. They'll expect it and they aren't grading you on your grammar. When you're standing in a boardroom or sitting for an interview, you should use your best English possible, and keep your tone suitable to the working environment. Try to gauge the personality of the interviewer and the setting of the workplace before cracking jokes or speaking out of turn. If you're ever in a position to speak publicly, always ask about your audience, and modify your language, tone, pitch and topic based on what you think the audience's preferences would be. You'd never give a lecture about atoms to third-graders!
There are many different ways to make a friend. One way to make a friend is to be a friend. If someone needs you, be there. Second, remember that everyone is a different person. Respect the way other people are, and get to know them. They will respect you, and want to get to know you too. Another thing you can do is always to be kind to everyone. You’d be surprised how many great friends are waiting for you.
There are many ways to make a friend.
Respect other people
Be a friend
Get to know them
Be kind
Ask: "What is the author trying to tell me?"
Different situations require different types of speech.
Your best English should be used in an interview.
Pay attention to the audience before making jokes.
Slang is okay with friends.
As a group, appoint a recorder and a reporter.

All group members read each passage.

Use the Graphic Organizer handouts when finding the Main Idea.

The reporter must be prepared to share the groups Main Idea and Summary of the passage.
To give a shortened version of something that has been said or written, stating its main points
Who or What?
Did what?
Boats have been around for a long, long time. Some used the wind to move. Some used the tide. Some were rowed by people. Then someone had a new idea.
Robert Fulton designed the first boat that could move by the power from steam. This first steamboat was named the Clermont. In August 1807, it traveled up the Hudson River from New York City. It traveled over 100 miles because of the steam power.
The Statue of Liberty is visited by thousands of people every year, The Statue of Liberty is a 151 foot statue of a woman holding a book and a torch. It is located on an island in New York Harbor. it was a gift of friendship from the people of France. It has become a universal symbol of freedom.
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