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Mindmap - EN 14.16 - september

Tim Stie

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Mindmap

Communicative Language Abilities
The five different competences
Pragmatic competence
Knowing how to use the language to achieve certain communicative goals or intentions - Illocutionary competence

Knowing how to preform a particular function or an intention clearly for a successful communication. Functional competence.
Strategic competence
How to cope in an authentic communicative situation and how to keep the communicative channel op.
(Canale, Swain 1980:25)
Discourse competence
The abilities needed to create coherent written texts or conversations and to understand them.
(Swain 1980)
The production of language and the ability to link units of speech together with facility and without strain or inappropriate slowness, or undue hesitation.
(Faerch, Haastrup and Phillipson 1984:168)
Linguistic competence
Linguistic competence is concerned with knowledge of the language itself, its form and the meaning
. (Stern 1983)
To express meaning via stress, rhythm and intonation.
The knowledge of spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, word formation, grammatical structure, sentence structure
To tolerate risk-taking and error
Clear Expression
Express your intentions, emotions and attitude clearly.
Communicative goals
Achieve communicative goals or intentions.
The Ability to express yourself in different cultural or social situations
Coherent Text
To formulate coherent text.
Discourse Markers
The Ability to recognize discourse markers.
Coherent speech
The Ability to create and maintain a coherent conversation
Linguistic Ingenuity
The ability to express yourself even though you lack resources.
Knowledge of question-words which will give access to information when you are in doubt.
The courage to try even when you are uncertain
Articulatory Fluency
Linking together speech segments
Semantic Fluency
Linking together propositions and speech acts
Lexical-syntactic Fluency
Linking together syntactic constituents and words
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