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Lakeside 2050: Hallways

Katrina Dye

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Edward

Lakeside 2050: Hallways
A Glimpse into the future of the Lakeside School District

By: Edward Ivy

People are late because they have to walk to far to get text books from there lockers (witch of course are not very
user friendly
), then there are so many books (one for each class) you will probably drop them and be even later to class.
Q: What five adjectives would best describe your project?
A: Creative, cool, well thought out, descriptive, and inspiring

Q: What makes your design innovative?
A: There will be finger print scanners for safety, color coded lockers for easy access, and a security guard on standby.

Q: What was the inspiration for your design?
A: iPhone finger print scanners and me being creative.

Q: What materials would be used in your design and why?
A: Alumin , because that’s what lockers are made out.

Q: What makes your locker design safer and more efficient than that of today’s?
A: They would have a finger print scanner so only the people on it can get in and, the chip/card thing has all your text books virtually on it so you don’t have to carry all the text books.

Lockers are separated based on your grade so there closer to your grades classes and, you have one card/chip thing that has all your text books loaded on it (talk about serious multiuse), this new

of the locker is a thing of greatness
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