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Becky Englefield

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Gastronomy

There are many things that influence gastronomy
Life style changes
Geography and transportation
Emerging trends
Science and technology

All of these have an impact on gastronomy in some way or another. We will be looking at each one in detail. Gastronomy Culture/religions Culture has impacted gastronomy in many ways like the way different culture or religions eat for example: muslims don't eat cow or pork because there religion tells them not to, Jewish people don't eat animals that have hooves because they are said to unclean also airplanes and other establishment have to meet certain requirements to meet with cultures or religions.
Cultures have also had different impacts like for example british most famous dish is curry now you would think it would be a Sunday roast or fish and chips but because of different cultural influence this has changed over the years . Life style changes life style change have changed gastronomy in many ways like:
Young mums
Our drinking habits
Equal rights Geography and transportation Geography and transportation have changed over the years in many ways. a way to explain geography of some drinks could be shown in wines. France was not the inventor of wine, however due to its landscapes and weather conditions, it has made a name for itself as the connoisseur of wine. Another way geography has changed gastronomy is due to multicultural foods in Britain. To suit these new trends imports have to transport goods overseas. Media Media has influence gastronomy by producing Many different programs and advertisements have been produced in the last few years, Using celebrities and big name chefs they are encouraging multicultural foods and diets into peoples eating habits. Many of them are easier and possibly healthier than standard options. Emerging trends These days there are many ways to get your fix when it comes to gastronomy then street food is your thing. Street foods is everywhere these days, the mains reasons for this is its easy, cheap, fast, new and convenient for many people, being commuters or people just with not alot of cash.

Also emerging trends are not just about street food it is also about what in and what not like when going out for a meal it has become very popular to serve the main course with the gravy or jus ect. on the side so that the customer can choose how much he or she wants, also another emerging trend is to use foam on a plate to make it more intressting. Young mums have changed gastronomy by many ways like the way they feed there children. Some young mums just want a quick easy fix something that they can serve to there children in a fast time. This will like be a ready meal or something that take 20 mins in the oven to cook. YOUNG MUMS Equal rights Back in the day when women stayed at home and men went to work, women would spend all day cooking and cleaning. This had a major impact on gastronomy because the woman would cook all day and a meal would be sitting on table for the man of the house when he got home but when equal right came in the woman also went out to work there for changing gastronomy because the was no home cooking meal waiting for the man because women were work though out the day as well as men, this changed gastronomy and science and technology was revolutionized. Drinking habits Our drinking habit have changed over years like nowadays we drink differently like when we go for a meal, you might order a red wine with your beef or with a dark meat or you might order white wine with chicken or fish or a dessert wine with dessert but if you take out the concept of a meal and it just you and your mates going out then this is where binge drinking is introduced. Science and technology With many breakthroughs in technology have revolutionized the way we eat. With the invention of appliances such as the microwave, it has transformed the traditional dinner into a quick and easy meal for a couple of quid. Being quick and easy attracts those with a tighter budget, however have a couple of down sides such as being unhealthy or not the most satisfying Sustainability Sustainability controls the amount of produce and ingredients we can go through. For instance over fishing being a problem at the moment is causing the price of fish to rocket as there is little available. This in turn causes restaurants to increase their own prices. However, if the prices continue to increase many will be forced to change recipes, ingredients or even whole menus to keep their economic stability. The End! Escoffier was the first chef in the world to put rules and regulation in to the kitchens across Britain, he gave chefs and waiters some thing to be proud of. He also made it socially acceptable for a lady to go out for the evening and not be accused of being a street walker. He redefined the way we look at the dining experience and he is the base of every kitchen or restaurant. Escoffier These two clips are different in so many ways like the equipment used and different techniques use and also the time difference as well as the fact you mainly saw only women on t.v were as men has taken the role in kitchen.
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