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Keep Calm and Motivate On

No description

Anna Jackson

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Keep Calm and Motivate On

A Tale of the Extra Mile
What Did You See?
What motivates the father?
What motivates the son?

What motivates YOU?
Love and Belonging
Love means belonging

Your need might be met through a person, place, activity or thing

What are some ways you meet your need for love?

Power or Importance
A sense of importance
Not power over someone, but a sense of strength and importance in yourself

What makes YOU feel important?
Freedom of Choice
Freedom to make choices and gain some amount of control over your life

What choices to YOU make to have control over your life?
“Fun is what you do when you don’t have to do it.” ~ Mark Twain
Things that give you pleasure

What do YOU do for fun?
How are you meeting you needs?
How can we help students meet theirs?
Keep Calm and Motivate On
Helping People to Go the Extra Mile
Students Take Flight!
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