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Rhyming Words:

No description

Shelby Klosterman

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of Rhyming Words:

Rhyming Words:
Warm Up
Warm Up: Instructor will ask students what rhyming words are and how to determine if two words rhyme. “Think, pair, share” will be done to discuss this.
Independent Practice:
Students will complete a worksheet where they match one column of words to another column that rhymes
The student will match rhyming words with 85% accuracy.
Student Friendly Objective: We will learn about how to match words that rhyme with each other.
Below Grade Level Students:
One-on-One review with instructor
Give students pictures with their words
Closing Activity
Students will get into small groups (four or five children) and play a game similar to "Go Fish" but the difference would be they would ask for a card with rhymes with the word on their card. After each group plays one successful game, students will independently write an exit ticket with three pairs of rhyming words on it.
Instructor will read a rhyming picture book (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?). While reading, instructor will ask students to touch their nose as rhyming words are read aloud.
*Instructor will model this movement
Guided Practice:
Instructor will ask for a volunteer to model activity. Children will all be handed cards with words on them. When instructor says go, children will find a peer with a card that rhymes with the word on their card. Once their partner has been found, students will stand in a designated area forming a line with their cards up in the air.
Focus Students:
Give the students "brain breaks" as often as they need them
Five the students one word at a time to focus on rather than many at one time
Gifted Students:
Instead of having them match rhyming words, have them come up with words that rhyme with a specific word on their own
Have them create a worksheet that matches rhyming words
English Language Arts: First Grade
Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment
The worksheet that students complete where they are asked to match rhyming words
Students will be tested on rhyming words on their unit test (something similar to their worksheet)
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