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Athlete's Lifestyle 2

Lifestyle Factors

Alice Tocknell

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Athlete's Lifestyle 2

Leisure time Drugs in sport Lifestyle Factors Athlete's Lifestyle Alcohol alice.tocknell@hartpury.ac.uk Often used as a social tool Financial Gambling Which sports are dominated by gambling? Unruly behaviour 1. Know how lifestyle can affect athletes Time avaliable for ease and relaxation Appropriate activities Why is it important to rest? What might effect the amount of rest an athlete can have? Relaxation can be active like yoga, or Pilates, or sedentary or non-active like watching tv or listening to music Important for athletes to 'switch off' - Why? Hobbies Inappropriate activities Drinking leads to both short, and long-term problems Unruly and inappropriate behaviour Internet gambling boom Athletes are not able to gamble on events in which they are involved An athlete who is regularly in the media spotlight needs to consider their role as a sporting ambassador who young people will aspire to emulate Unruly behaviour will have a negative effect on their own image and their sport Task Think of 2 athletes... One who is portrayed in the media, and

One who is portrayed positively negatively Why can their behaviour be viewed as positive/negative? What is the effect on sport? Recreational drugs - drugs taken for social or recreational purposes, which generally alter the mind and body. Examples? Performance-enhancing drugs - drugs taken by athletes to improve performance. Banned in sport. Examples? Anxiety - a negative form of stress thats is characterised by long-term feelins of low confidence and poor concentration. Common symptoms include fear of failure and low self-esteem. Performance-enhancing drugs Anabolic steroids Beta Blockers Diuretics Effects: Increase power by increasing muscle size, Increase training time, help repair body after training, Increase competitiveness and aggression Abuse in sport: Sprint events.... Side effects
Liver disease
Forms of cancer
Fluid retention
Hardening of arteries increasing risk of coronary heart disease Effects: Used to help steady nerves Abuse in sport: Snooker.... Side effects
Low blood pressure
Breathing Problems Effects: Reduce body weight Abuse in sport: Boxing... Side effects
Muscle cramps
Kidney failure Effects: Increased awareness, reduces fatigue Abuse in sport: Endurance based sports Side effects
Increased blood pressure
Increased HR
Paranoid delusions
Shaking/sweaty Stimulants Recreational drugs Name as many as you can.... Do athletes get tested for them? Blood doping What is it? Sports? Pressures What pressures do athletes face?

Who may place pressure on an athlete? Peers Social Life Club Living away from home Training Competition Imagine you have to live away from home in order to train and compete... List things you would need in order to be able to cope with the pressure of being away 5 List things you would miss the most 3 To achieve success, the emerging athlete has to work hard and train hard - leaving little time to socialise What pressures may friends place on an athlete? Why is it important for athletes to maintain an active social life? How may a club place pressure on an athlete? Pressure to perform in... - a mental or physical response to a situation that an athlete feels that they cannot cope with. Symptoms: Increase BP, HR, muscular tension and depression Stress What pressure may an athlete feel in...

What might happen in an athlete doesn't deal well with this pressure? Consider a stressful situation in sport... How did it make you How did you deal with it? feel? Is all pressure negative? Dealing with Pressure and Stress What financial factors may an athlete have to deal with? Amatuer sport Professional sport Football Athletics Male Female Spending Saving Which sports pay? Which sports are expensive to compete in? Why should athletes save money? Tax Insurance If you are a professional athlete making a profit from your sport, you will be taxed. Can cover life, injury or property

Why should an athlete invest in insurance? Through which means can an athlete make a profit from sport? Sponsorship What is it? Money or equipment given to an athlete or team by a company or individual Why? This allows the athlete to concentrate on their training rather than having to work full time to support themselves What is in it for the company? Smaller scale? Roger Federer.... Sponsorship deals in excess of a YEAR $36 million Why do you think Nike and Rolex are keen to sponsor RF? What are the benefits to them and RF? How much do you know? Name 1 appropriate lifestyle factor Name 2 relaxation activities What are the benefits of rest and relaxation? Name 2 inappropriate lifestyle factors

Beta blockers - what are the effects, which sports are they used in, what are the side effects? Name 3 pressures athletes might face and provide an example in sport for each What benefit can sponsoring an athlete have for a company? Give 3 reasons why lifetyle factors can:
positively effect performance
negatively effect perfomance P1: Describe five different lifestyle factors that can affect athletes. M1: Explain five different lifestyle factors that can affect athletes. D1: Analyse five different lifestyle factors that can affect athletes.
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